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Futuristic Engagement Rings

Let Your Love Beam You Up, Up, and Away!

futuristic planet
Do you dream of boarding the Starship Enterprise with your soulmate? Krikawa's collection of Futuristic engagement rings captures the beauty and dynamism of futuristic forms. Let our designs inspired by orbits, celestial bodies, and the mysterious grace of the galaxy echo the cosmic scale of your love. All of our rings are perfectly handcrafted by Krikawa master goldsmiths.
  • Sputnik Engagement Ring Sputnik Engagement Ring - top view

    The Sputnik Engagement Ring has ten diamond-accented arms that spin around the center stone! The unusual design was inspired by the Russian satellite.

  • Shooting Star Engagement Ring Shooting Star Engagement Ring - top view
    Shooting Star

    A ring to match the brilliance of a shooting star, this diamond engagement ring represents the motion of the stars above us, as a reminder to never stop.

  • Modern Cube Engagement Ring Modern Cube Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Three-Stone Cube

    Cubic bezels sit atop a straight band, giving this handmade elegant ring a futuristic and modern look, with princess-cut diamonds for extra brilliance.

  • Sun and Moon Engagement Ring Sun and Moon Engagement Ring - top view
    Sun and Moon

    This custom engagement ring evokes day and night with its warm and cool hues. A diamond in a prong setting is adorned by bead-set blue sapphires. The bezel rests on a two-tone band.

  • Shooting Star Light Engagement Ring Shooting Star Light Engagement Ring - top view
    Shooting Star Light

    This Shooting Star Light Engagement Ring symbolizes your wishes come true! The center stone is set in a diamond-accented star, with extra sparkle on the tail.

  • Diamond Orbit Engagement Ring Diamond Orbit Engagement Ring - top view
    Diamond Orbit

    The Diamond Orbit Engagement Ring is a celestial work-of-art. Have it with a raw diamond or pearl, with your favorite accent stones flush-set in the band.

  • Alien Elegance Scaffolding Engagement Ring Alien Elegance Scaffolding Engagement Ring - top view
    Alien Elegance Scaffolding

    This beautiful scaffolding ring is otherworldly. Alien-esque prongs support a large center stone. Shown with black diamond accent stones.

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