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The Design Process


guarantee on custom jewelryCreate your dream ring with the help of our designers and stone experts, led by the design talent of Lisa Krikawa.  Krikawa has created over 6000 custom rings, each one made to order in an exacting process. ​A handcrafted ring from Krikawa means your ring is born out of love, not from a mold. Let our designers guide you in creating a different or unusual engagement ring, from affordable to luxury, that will be sure to delight.

Free Concierge Design Service


Call or Email now and just see how friendly and knowledgeable we are!  Whether you prefer to talk on the phone or by email, we'll help you select the perfect stone and the perfect design, just for you.

Pick a Design, Pick a Stone, Choose Your Colors

metal choicesChoose from our large collection of engagement ring designs, on your own, or let our friendly experts in the design studio help you.  With over 5000 custom rings in our portfolio, we're ready to get started on your design! Pick the ring design that resonates most with you, or, pick out your favorite features and we'll combine them into your perfect dream ring. Request a colorization to see just what it will look like with your colors!
Sapphires and Gemstones for Engagement Rings Choose your metal type!  Because each ring is made to order in a single batch process, it can be made in any precious metal of your choice.  Your designer can help you choose the metal if you want to learn more about their properties.
Colorizations can help you choose the perfect accent stone or gemstone.  
Because your ring will be made to order, you can pick your favorite! 
custom variations of wedding bandtree of life engagement ring variationtree of life engagement ring variationtree of life engagement ring variation

Premium Diamonds and Sapphires 

You'll get expert help in your selection, and the only stones we list in our database are excellent cut, excellent clarity, and just bottom-line spectacular.  You can have peace-of-mind in your investment, because our stones are hand selected by our gemologists to match your size, shape, color and budget needs
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Search GIA Diamonds

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Search Sapphires and Gemstones

Looking For A Diamond Alternative?  

We are a premium retailer of lab created diamonds and sapphires, and source our lab created goods from only the finest laboratories and cutters. 

Personalize it with Symbols and Secrets!

birthstones on the inside of your engagement ringsymbol inside ring
Your ring can shine with qualities and characteristics as unique as yo​ur relationship.
Special touches such as birthstones or symbols on the inside of the ring can capture your memories and personality!

How to Get The Perfect Ring Size

sizing ringsSizing rings sent to you for perfect ring size
Not sure what ring size and width will fit you perfectly?  Not a problem!  We'll send you our calibrated sizing rings to assure a perfect fit.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

custom wedding ringIf you are looking to design your own engagement ring from scratch, and not from one of our thousands of portfolio pieces, our custom process is also fabulous.  

Our small team of engagement ring designers are fun and easy to work with.

This is what we do; let us help you!

custom ring renderingIf you're starting from scratch,  we'll start with a sketch! Upon approval of the sketch, we move on to a 3D rendering.

See your custom ring in a sketch or 3D rendering before it’s ever made.


Your One-Of-A-Kind Ring Is Born

master goldsmiths
Once our jewelers start crafting your ring, they'll pour all of their incredible attention to detail into every aspect of the design.

Open the beautiful Krikawa box revealing your special ring; complete with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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Let your handcrafted wedding ring reflect your life together. You’ve written the first of many chapters. Let us help you start the next one.

You’ve found the one person you’ll cherish forever. Now, let a hand-crafted engagement ring from Krikawa capture your heart. Join us in creating your own unique engagement ring. Let’s get started.

Call or email us today for the perfect union to your engagement ring.
Let Your Love Shine.
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