Lab Grown Alexandrite: Exploring the Beauty of Lab-Created Alexandrite Gems

How Lab Create Alexandrite Compares to Natural

Lab grown Alexandrites are grown in a lab, rather than in the earth.  They have all of the same molecular and refractive properties of natural alexandrite. 

Synthetic vs. Imitation

Lab Created Alexanadrite for an Engagement RingA Chatham-created alexandrite is not an imitation, but merely an alexandrite grown in a human-controlled environment.  In other words, it contains the same properties as an earth mined alexandrite.

It is important to note the difference between lab-created and imitation.  Both are SIMULANTS, or "made to look like" the original gemstone, however, a lab-created (synthetic) gem has all of the same properties as the original, such as crystal shape, molecular composition, and hardness. An imitation can be made of glass or even plastic; it is only made to look like and does not have to share any other properties.

Why Purchase a Lab-Grown Alexandrite?

Lab-grown alexandrites, is a high quality synthetic stone, with the same atomic and optical properties of an alexandrite mined from the earth. Unless you're a certified gemologist with a powerful microscope, you won't be able to tell the difference between lab created and mined gemstones. Lab grown alexandrites may even look better than their mined counterparts! Synthetic gems are grown under laboratory conditions, computers control temperatures, while foreign materials found in the earth are eliminated from starting chemicals.


A lab-created alexandrite is much less rare than natural, resulting in a significantly more affordable gemstone. Synthetic alexandrite is an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable precious gemstone without compromising the quality or sacrificing the aesthetic of their jewelry.

Environmentally Friendly

alexandrite crystalsBecause the crystal formation occurs in a lab instead of Mother Earth, there is less of an environmental impact. Go green by choosing a lab grown alexandrite.

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