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Lab Created Emeralds

Quality Gems Perfect for Engagement Rings

lab created emeralds

Lab created emeralds are ideal for engagement rings.  Our lab created emeralds are made by Chatham, the top world leader in fine lab created gemstones.

Lab Grown vs. Imitation and Simulant

It is important to note the difference between lab grown and imitation gemstones.  A Chatham-created emerald is optically and chemically emerald, it is only that it is grown in a lab rather than in the earth.  By contrast, an imitation or simulated emerald is a green stone "made to look like" an emerald, but does not necessarily share any of the qualities of emerald. 

lab created emerald cut emerald men's rings

Why Purchase A Lab Created Emerald?

Emeralds that are mined from the earth and of fine quality are extremely pricey. Also, there are many natural fissures, and inclusions naturally occurring in mined emeralds. GIA estimates that over 90% of mined emeralds on the market are fissure filled (oiled), making them appear more valuable than they are, and vitally important to clean them carefully.  Chatham created emeralds do not have any fissures or oiling, making them more stable for everyday wear.


Lab created emeralds are much more affordable than their rare high quality cousins.


If you are looking for a green choice, the lab created emerald is perfect for you.  Because the crystal formation occurs in a lab instead of Mother Earth, there is less of an environmental impact. Go green by choosing a lab grown emerald.

lab created marquise emerald engagement ring

lab created emerald engagement ring

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