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5 jewelry design rules you should break

Jul 05, 2014

5 Jewelry Design Rules You Should Break

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There’s a place for rules, but trust me, a jewelry store is not one of them. In fact, I’m a firm believer that you should check those pesky do’s and don’ts at the door and rely on your instincts instead. After all, unlike a set of arcane rules, your heart won’t ever steer you wrong—especially when it comes to choosing an engagement ring or wedding ring. Here are five of the most common rules you should toss right out the window.
J. Lo
J. Lo mixes yellow and white metals

Rule #1:

Never mix metals. I have nothing against wearing pieces that are the same tone, if that’s what floats your boat. But I also think the days of worrying about whether the earrings match the necklace and ring are over. It’s perfectly fine to embrace your current crush on platinum and still wear that beloved heirloom gold ring. What matters more is that you’re putting on pieces you love and feel good in. 

Rule #2:

Wedding rings have to match. You both might be suckers for Bruce Lee movies and Tex-Mex food, but your tastes in wedding bands couldn’t be more different. My advice? Stick with pieces that speak to your individual preferences. If you want a common thread between the two, consider echoing an element from one ring in the other. For example, one of our most popular styles features a sculptural curlicue and delicate leaf. To reflect that in a man’s band, we’ll etch the same pattern in a two-dimensional relief around the ring.

Rule #3:

Bigger is always better. Repeat after me: Size doesn’t matter but quality does. If you have a choice between a smaller stone that’s flawless to the naked eye and a larger one that has a visible inclusion, always go with the smaller one. Even if your partner doesn’t notice the spot or crack right now, it’ll rear its head as soon as the stone gets dirty. Save yourself the headache by learning all you can about clarity—your jeweler can help you out with this.
Three month's salary
Photo Credit: Andrew Magill

Rule #4:

You have to spend three months’ salary. I understand the sentiment behind this rule—an engagement ring is a major purchase, after all—but it’s better to go with an amount you’re comfortable spending. Word to the wise: It helps if you come up with that price range before you start working with a jeweler. Like setting and metal preferences, budget is just one more piece of information we can use to create the ring of your dreams. Don’t have the bank right now for the stone you really want? Many of my clients will buy the ring they love with a Moissanite stone, with the intention to upgrade to a diamond in the future.

Rule #5:

Get what’s popular. Trends come and go, but you’ll both be wearing those rings for many, many years. Forget about trying to copy Kimye’s bands and go with the style that most appeals to you.
Work with one of our designers to ask your own questions about rules and design!
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  • Fashion Haul
    Jun 29, 2016

    Great post with valuable information. It is important to remember these rules, while buying jewelry. Thanks!!


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