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custom Mokume Jewelry

Made to Order So You Can Pick your Colors!

You can have your mokume gane jewelry your way!  For that special occasion, or just because you deserve it, collaborate with Krikawa to create artwear that is meaningful and just the way you want it.  First, choose your favorite kind of mokume, and then customize its appearance.  Then, pick from diamonds, pearls, sapphires/gemstones, gold, platinum, palladium . . . the sky is the limit!
  • Mokume Fleur De Lis Bracelet Mokume Fleur De Lis Bracelet - top view
    Mokume Fleur De Lis Bracelet

    This regal bangle is accented with diamond and gemstone studded fleur de lis symbols.

  • Mokume Bangle Bracelet
    Mokume Bangle Bracelet

    This sophisticated bangle bracelet is hinged. It features mokume gane of your choosing, with raised rails meeting at the locking clasp.

  • Mokume Stepping Stone Bracelet
    Mokume Stepping Stone Bracelet

    Signature Mokume Gane sheets cut like stepping stones are set with diamonds, precious metal jump rings, and a toggle clasp for a uniquely beautiful bracelet.

  • Mokume Hoop Earrings
    Mokume Hoop

    Gorgeous mokume gane hoop earrings, hand made and measuring 24mm or .9" in diameter.

  • Mokume Marquise Drop Earrings Mokume Marquise Drop Earrings - top view
    Mokume Marquise Drop Enhancers

    Marquise drops of mokume gane and diamonds enhance any set of stud earrings you choose.

  • Rose and Mokume Leaf Earrings Rose and Mokume Leaf Earrings - top view
    Rose And Mokume Leaf

    Nature and luxury seamlessly blend with these rose stud earrings with mokume and diamond drop leaves.

  • Mokume Relic Mountain Earrings Mokume Relic Mountain Earrings - top view
    Mokume Relic Mountain

    One of a kind mokume drop earrings that are both organic in style and luxurious in design.

  • Mokume Enhancer Earrings

    Smaller models of the Enhancer Pendant. This shape is reminiscent of a lyre, an ancient Greek stringed musical instrument often associated with the Greek god Apollo.

  • Mokume Life Drop Earrings
    Mokume Life Drop

    These sophisticated earrings are a part of the award-winning Mokume Life Drop Suite.

  • Mokume Manta Diamond Earrings Mokume Manta Diamond Earrings - top view
    Diamond Mokume Manta

    Three dimensional, flowing mokume gane dangle earrings with diamond accents. Unique earrings that work for both everyday and special occasion.

  • Mokume Cushion Earrings
    Mokume Cushion

    These unusual earrings consist of mokume gane shaped into a cushion and diamond accents.

  • Manta Mokume Earrings
    Manta Mokume

    These organic earrings' shape evoke the aquatic manta ray. A sheet of mokume gane of your choice is cut out and accented with a diamond.

  • Mokume Pebble Earrings
    Mokume Pebble

    Irregular cut-outs of our gorgeous mokume are connected and hang from hooks.

  • Mokume Ball Earrings Mokume Ball Earrings - top view
    Mokume Ball

    A perfect dew drop of mokume hangs from these leverback earrings!

  • Mokume Wedge Earrings Mokume Wedge Earrings - top view
    Mokume and Diamond Wedge

    Wear a wedge of your favorite mokume gane!

  • Mokume and Diamond Cushion Earrings Mokume and Diamond Cushion Earrings - top view
    Mokume And Diamond Cushion

    Classic style mokume cushion stud earrings accented with bezel set diamonds. Petite and simple, these earrings will go with anything!

  • Mokume Dome Studs Mokume Dome Studs - top view
    Mokume Dome Studs

    These simple, stylish stud earrings are perfect for everyday wear and special occasions!

  • Mokume Tiny Dome Stud Earrings Mokume Tiny Dome Stud Earrings - top view
    Mokume Tiny Dome Stud

    A simple pair of stud earrings that are perfect for every day wear. The mokume gane is rounded into a dome-like shape that pops out from the sterling silver backing. A perfect gift for any occasion!

  • Mokume Cushion Stud Earrings Mokume Cushion Stud Earrings - top view
    Mokume Cushion Stud

    These simple, comfortable stud earrings feature a solid piece of mokume gane shaped into a classic cushion shape including the rounded corners. The backing is done in sterling silver.

  • Mokume Trillion Stud Earrings Mokume Trillion Stud Earrings - top view
    Mokume Trillion Stud

    Classic yet modern, these stud earrings feature our unique mokume gane cut into a trillion, or triangular shape. The backing is done in sterling silver. A great gift for any occasion!

  • Mokume Round Stud Earrings Mokume Round Stud Earrings - top view
    Mokume Round Stud

    Smooth and simple, these stud earrings feature a flat circle of mokume gane. A comfortable style that can be worn every day. The backing is done in sterling silver.

  • Mokume Drop Mother's Pendant Mokume Drop Mother's Pendant - top view
    Mokume Drop Mother's : Made to Order Gifts

    Choose the stones and mokume that represent your loved ones to complete your one-of-a-kind design.

  • Mokume Marquise Diamond Pendant Mokume Marquise Diamond Pendant - top view
    Mokume Marquise Diamond

    A sculptural teardrop pendant with flowing mokume and diamonds that wrap the marquise cut center diamond.

  • Mokume Relic Pendant Mokume Relic Pendant - top view
    Mokume Relic

    Both luxurious and archaic, this unique mokume pendant design features our Darkened Mokume Gane and brilliant diamond accents.

  • Mokume Life Drop with Curls
    Mokume Life Drop with Curls

    This pendant features a doughnut shaped piece of mokume with a diamond at its center. A bail with curls is accented with another diamond. Shown with but priced without chain.

  • Mokume Life Drop Pendant
    Mokume Life Drop 2

    An elegant and contemporary mokume pendant with a diamonds or sapphires. Please note that the price calculator does not include the chain.

  • Mokume Gane Donut Pendant
    Mokume Donut

    Wear an exquisitely crafted piece of mokume on your neck. Price does not include rope or chain.

  • Mokume Shield Pendant
    Mokume Shield

    A shield made of Krikawa's signature unique Mokume Gane is stunning on a cultured pearl necklace, handmade and made to order.

  • Mokume Enhancer Pendant

    This unique pendant with delicate curves is customized with the stones, precious metals, and Mokume Gane of your choice and handmade by Krikawa.

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