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Nature and Wildlife Jewelry

gifts For celebrating with Flora and Fauna

  • Hummingbird Pendant Hummingbird Pendant - top view
    Hummingbird Pendant

    Like the hummingbird depicted within, this pendant is lovely and whimsical.

  • Elephant Pendant Elephant Pendant - top view
    Elephant Pendant

    As grand and striking as the animal that inspires it!

  • Hummingbird Bracelet Hummingbird Bracelet - top view
    Hummingbird Bracelet

      A magnificent creature that symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being, the hummingbird is captured here in amazing detail and sculptural design. 

  • Gecko Pave Pendant
    Gecko Pave Pendant

    This pendant features a gecko inside a circle of paved diamonds.

  • Beach Pendant
    Beach Pendant

    Gold and sapphire waves with diamond stars, palm, and a beach scene capture your Atlantic or Pacific spirit in a pendant, handmade and made to order.

  • Sacred Heart Pendant
    Sacred Heart Pendant

    This flaming heart pendant is adorned with paved fancy color diamonds. The thorns are represented by sculpted bezels.

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