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  • Floral Bouquet Light Bridal Set

    Like walking through a blooming garden in spring time, this Floral Bouquet Light Bridal Set combines dynamic metal and stone colors for a stunning, one-of-a-kind bridal set.

    DETAILS $4,695
  • Vintage Celtic Knot Engagement Ring With Sapphire Vintage Celtic Knot Engagement Ring With Sapphire - top view
    Vintage Celtic Knot with Natural Sapphire

    Symbolic of eternal love and friendship, this vintage engagement ring features brilliant sapphires and diamonds. Size 4.75

    DETAILS $7,205  $6,485
  • Asscher Cut Black Diamond Engagement Ring Asscher Cut Black Diamond Engagement Ring - top view
    Asscher Cut Black Diamond

    Modern and sculptural, the inverted 1.79ct asscher cut black diamond sits above a secret halo of brilliant white diamonds in this 14k white gold ring. Size 4.5, 3mm wide.

    DETAILS $4,040  $3,232
  • Vintage Split Twist In White Gold

    This beautiful vintage-inspired 14k white gold engagement ring has a split, twisting shank with paved 0.35ctw sapphires and 0.76ctw diamonds. A 6.5mm Forever One Moissanite completes the look of this ring. Size 7.

    DETAILS $7,035
  • 10K Green Gold Raw Claw

    This edgy and modern engagement ring was designed for the 1.82ct rose-cut raw diamond center stone. Size 6.75, 2.5mm wide.

    DETAILS $2,894
  • Snowflake In Palladium

    Just like each snowflake that falls from the sky, this engagement ring is unique. elegant and enchanting. Size 7.

    DETAILS $5,000
  • Sputnik With Fancy Colored Diamonds

    Sparkling like the brilliant stars in the sky, colored diamonds spin and orbit around the center moissanite stone!

    DETAILS $3,123
  • Contemporary Infinity Engagement Ring With Millegrain Contemporary Infinity Engagement Ring With Millegrain - top view
    Contemporary Infinity With Millegrain

    Symbolic and sculptural, this infinity symbol ring has a vintage vibe with hand-rolled millegrain details. Palladium with moissanite stones throughout. Size 6.25

    DETAILS $2,203  $1,762
  • Palm Tree Diamond Beach In Palladium

    This amazing ring shines bright like a white, sandy beach!

    DETAILS $2,920
  • Carved Curls Bridal Set With Diamond Accents Carved Curls Bridal Set With Diamond Accents - top view
    Carved Curls Bridal Set With Diamond Accents

    Complete this sculptural bridal set with your choice of center stone!

    DETAILS $5,380  $1,980
  • Simple Solitaire

    Use this as a temporary engagement ring to propose with and later get the perfect stone set into the ring or keep it just the way it is!

    DETAILS $650
  • Kanji Symbol Engagement Ring Kanji Symbol Engagement Ring - top view
    Kanji Symbol

    A truly remarkable, one-of-a-kind ring, bursting with luxurious detail and beautiful symbolism. Platinum and 14k rose gold. 2.50ct Asscher Cut, GIA certified diamond, and 1.05ctw black diamond side stones. Includes independent appraisal.

    DETAILS $35,145  $32,000
  • Tree Of Life With Roots In White Gold

    Symbolic of your eternal love and growth with roots at the bottom and branches reaching up toward to the round center stone.

    DETAILS $2,030
  • Round Shank Round Bezel

    Delicate with a modern touch, this engagement ring features a 6mm rose cut moissanite solitaire set within a round full bezel.

    DETAILS $1,170
  • Rose Gold Butterfly

    Two butterflies sparkle with fishtail-style paved diamonds. Their bodies comprised of channel-set stones. Features a 0.57ctw moissanite center.

    DETAILS $4,573
  • Moissanite Solitaire Size 4.75
    Moissanite Solitaire

    This simple engagement ring is a beautiful option with an 8 mm moissanite set in a 14k white gold, 2.5 mm band. Size 4.75

    DETAILS $1,450  $1,100
  • Future Relic Scaffolding Bridal Set

    A palladium ring is surrounded by textured rose gold bands, with diamonds and a large center stone. Handcrafted, this ring feels rustic yet unique and elegant.

    DETAILS $7,142
  • Lab Ruby Carved Branch Size 4.5 Ruby Carved Branch Engagement Ring - top view
    Ruby Carved Branch

    A stunning piece, this engagement ring was created with a 6 mm lab-grown ruby and 14 karat white gold. The band measures 3 mm wide. Size 4.5

    DETAILS $1,752  $1,200
  • Tourmaline High Tea Cocktail Ring

    Make a statement in this amazing cocktail ring with 14.40 ct designer cut tourmaline. Palladium with pink diamond accents. Size 6.5

    DETAILS $5,275
  • Diamond Raw Claw

    Love black diamonds? Check out this unique and modern engagement ring with a raw, rose cut black diamond center stone!

    DETAILS $3,805
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