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Religious and Sacred

"God has given us many faiths but only one world in which to co-exist." Said Sir Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations.  Our collection of custom religious and sacred jewelry includes symbols of the major religions and contemporary symbols of peace and the world.
  • Yin Yang Pendant
    Yin-Yang with Black and White Gemstones

    This Yin-Yang pendant is perfectly balanced with black spinel and white rock crystal, made to order and handcrafted by Krikawa.

  • Diamond Peace Pendant
    Huge Diamond Peace

    A classic peace symbol shown in palladium and diamonds--the ultimate in luxury with a conscience. 1.63 ctw; a total of 109 pave set diamonds in all.

  • Coptic Cross Pendant
    Coptic Cross

    This distinctive cross is shown with a 4mm medium blue sapphire. Priced for 1 inch tall. Chain and sapphire not included in the price calculator.

  • Coptic Cross Earrings
    Coptic Cross

    These handcrafted earrings feature diamonds or your choice of stones in the ancient Coptic cross.

  • Cross Pendant

    The cross is the best known religious symbol of Christianity and is seen as a representation of the crucifixion of Jesus. Embellished with a single striking 0.11 ctw red garnet.

  • Om Pendant
    Hindu Om with Purple Sapphire

    This Om, from the Hindu religion, is made in your preferred metal and set with your choice of gemstone.

  • Yin Yang Mokume Earrings
    Yin Yang Mokume

    Bring your Yin Yang earrings to the next level by having them made from two different types of mokume!

  • Floral Claddagh Pendant
    Floral Claddagh

    This beautiful pendant merges a floral wreath and claddagh symbol.

  • Sacred Heart Pendant
    Sacred Heart

    This flaming heart pendant is adorned with paved fancy color diamonds. The thorns are represented by sculpted bezels.

  • Earth Earrings

    The earth earrings spin with an equator of diamonds.

  • Earth Pendant

    The earth represents the classic elements of nature: land, air, fire and water. The three-dimensional pendant is channel set with a band of 0.72 ctw tsavorites (green garnets) around the equator.

  • Star & Crescent Pendant
    Star and Crescent

    This Star and Crescent pendant is made in the precious metal of your choice with bluish green Montana sapphires, symbolizing the Islamic faith.

  • Star of David Pendant
    Star of David

    This Star of David pendant represent Judaism and is made in the precious metal of your choice with deep blue sapphires.

  • Sacred Set Bracelet
    Sacred Set Bracelet

    Contemporary symbols of peace and Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Taoism, and Sikhism come together in this blissful handmade bracelet by Krikawa.

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