One-of-a-Kind Wedding Rings

For your Pop Up Wedding

Hand made and ready to ship, these wedding bands are ready to go. Ask us about adjusting the ring size if needed!  
  • Hand Engraved Swirl In Platinum

    Feminine with a vintage flair, the hand-carved detail on top and sides of this band is a work of art. Platinum, size 5, 2mm wide.

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  • Infinity Vine Diamond In 18K Yellow Gold

    Bright and joyful, this organic wedding band features vibrant, color enhanced yellow diamonds. 18k yellow gold, 0.54ctw diamonds. Size 6, 4mm width. Ships today!

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  • Flower Diamond In 10K Green Gold

    Feminine and floral, this 10k green and 14k rose gold, two-tone wedding band features sculptural roses and 0.22ctw sparkling white diamonds! Size 6.5, 4mm wide.

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  • Plain With Millegrain Edges

    Simple, but with a vintage flair, this palladium wedding band features hand-rolled millegrain details on both sides. Size 6.25.

    SEE MORE $750
  • 4mm Tree Of Life

    A perfect addition to any engagement ring and a beautiful way to symbolize you love's eternal growth and your love of nature at the same time! 14k white gold, size 6.0.

    SEE MORE $770
  • Palm Tree Diamond Beach In Palladium

    This amazing ring shines bright like a white, sandy beach!

    SEE MORE $2,920
  • Tree Of Life In Cobalt Chrome

    Strength and durability make this the perfect band for any man who works hard and plays hard! Cobalt Chrome, Size 10, 7mm.

    SEE MORE $720
  • Tibetan Knot Eternity , 8mm

    Symbolic of your eternal love and devotion, this Palladium wedding band features the iconic Endless Knot! Size 8.75, 8mm wide.

    SEE MORE $1,210
  • Diamond Channel Eternity in 14k Yellow Gold

    This classic, narrow wedding band is 14k yellow gold and compliments almost any engagement ring. Channel set white diamonds 0.36ctw encircle the petite, size 3.0, band.

    SEE MORE $2,135
  • Titanium Tree Band

    This ring is perfect for the nature lover! Pine trees are etched all the way around the titanium band. Size 10

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  • Tree of Life with Diamond Accents

    A beautiful wedding band for any nature lover. The detailed branch pattern repeats and overlaps around this palladium ring. Size 6.50, 7mm wide. Band features one yellow and one blue accent diamond.

    SEE MORE $1,270
  • Tribal Garnet

    This bold wedding band features a unique sterling tribal band with a stunning garnet accent stone. Size 13, 7mm wide.

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  • Oak Leaf

    This dynamic wedding band features intricate oak leaves that wrap around the band so as no view is the same. The band is 18k yellow gold. Size 6

    SEE MORE $1,455
  • Gold Vine & Leaf

    This nature inspired ring is gorgeous with a 18 karat yellow gold vine and leaf shaped band with 0.39 carats of diamonds to add a little sparkle. This band measures 5 mm in width. Size 4.5.

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  • Infinity Flush Inlay

    Say forever with this unique 5 mm wide infinity band. An inlay of 18 karat yellow gold in Palladium created the infinity sign. Size 9

    SEE MORE $1,435
  • White & Purple Diamond Delicate Leaf

    Each small leaf shape has either a purple or white diamond (0.18ctw) set in this 3mm wide Palladium wedding band. Size 5.25

    SEE MORE $1,287
  • Tribal Double Diamond Thorn

    Two rows of white diamonds encircle the edges of this 10 mm wide platinum ring with black diamonds in the center. Size 9.5.

    SEE MORE $6,120
  • Delicate Leaf with Pink Diamonds

    0.18 carats of pink diamonds accent the leaf shaped palladium in this stunning wedding band. The band measures 3 mm in width. Size 6.5

    SEE MORE $1,625
  • Eternity Vine & Leaf

    Platinum carved vines and leaves encirlce this beautiful 7 mm wide wedding band. Size 7.

    SEE MORE $1,525
  • Diamond Ornate Infinity

    Say forever and mean it with an elegant palladium infinity signs and 0.15 carats of accent diamonds 5 mm wide wedding band. Size 6.5.

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