For Better or For Worse, Technology is Changing the Way That We Do Weddings

customring.jpgIt is no secret that social media is everywhere. So it makes sense to take advantage of hashtags for your wedding. A hashtag can be used on multiple social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and it’s a great way for you to go back and see some snaps your guests took throughout the day instead of being inundated with text messages and pictures during your honeymoon. Hands down, a hashtag is the best way to find the best candids from your wedding. There’s no such thing as too many wedding photos, after all! And  who doesn’t love a good wedding selfie or two?

What do the skeptics think? While everyone is in agreement that hashtags are great for organization, it’s easy for them to be overused. And for some couples, phones can be banned entirely. They way they see it, it’s important for people to simply enjoy the moment. After all, the couple didn’t spend all this time and money planning a wedding for the guests to look at their screens all night.

These can be especially fun for couples with larger wedding venues and more people in attendance. The idea behind a live texting screen is easy either a DJ or the venue provides a large digital screen and they set up a phone number where guests can anonymously text in well wishes. Many couples elect to use this technology as a way to promote love on their happy day from people they may not be able to talk to as much during the festivities.

8 Hot Jewelry Trends in 2015

JCK Vegas
Image Credit: Professional Jeweler
Every year in June, the who’s who of the jewelry industry descend upon Las Vegas for the international convention JCK. Besides walking the floor and feeling like I’ve been transported to another country, I love seeing what design trends are emerging.

Here are eight of my favorites:More...