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Two Stone Engagement Rings: It’s “Toi et Moi” Forever!

January 31, 2023

Toi et Moi, or “You and Me” engagement rings are a unique design choice, and gaining popularity! The idea behind this style is that there are two center stones to represent the couple, rather than a single center stone. One for you, and one for me. The appeal of this style is that yo… see the full article

The Secret Sauce of a Boho Engagement Ring: Show Your True Chic Style

January 17, 2023

Boho-style engagement rings and wedding bands are trending because couples are breaking the old, established traditions of weddings. The expression of off-beat designs, unique reception locations, and handpicked elements resonates with the free-spirited couple. Many of today’s couples want… see the full article

Dainty Engagement Rings: Do’s and Don’ts

November 23, 2022

When is Your Ring Design TOO Delicate?

As the first generation to grow up with the internet has begun to settle down, the influence of social media cannot be overstated. Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest in particular have spread bridal jewelry design to an ever-wider audie… see the full article

Moss Agate Engagement Rings Alternatives

November 09, 2022

Moss Agate is a beautiful stone that celebrates nature. The mossy design preserved in a crystal home transports you to a lush forest. “Cottage-Core” is a design trend of imagining a slower and more peaceful life. Imagine an English countryside with lush gardens, homemade wares, and peac… see the full article

2021 Fall and Winter Fashion Colors in Gemstones

September 29, 2021

Finally a fashion season full of amazing gem colors!

This year, the runways of New York Fashion Week brought a bright palette with an array of stunning hues. Pantone pu… see the full article

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