8 Hot Jewelry Trends in 2015

JCK Vegas
Image Credit: Professional Jeweler
Every year in June, the who’s who of the jewelry industry descend upon Las Vegas for the international convention JCK. Besides walking the floor and feeling like I’ve been transported to another country, I love seeing what design trends are emerging.

Here are eight of my favorites:More...

The Surprising Facts About White Gold

White Gold Tree of Life Rings
Rhodium-Plated & Natural White Gold
Tree of Life Wedding Rings
When I first started out as a jeweler, I thought I knew everything there was to know about white gold. I was wrong. Turns out, this luxurious-sounding metal is surprisingly complicated.

For starters, though gold is found in nature, white gold most certainly is anything but natural. In order to make it, manufacturers mix pure, 24-carat gold with an alloy—usually nickel or platinum—that acts as a bleaching agent and strips out any hint of color. Well, almost any color. That’s because gold’s natural warmth can never be completely erased, even when combined with the highest-quality alloy. So to give the metal the appearance of being colorless, many jewelers will plate it with rhodium. More...

Introducing Our New Partnership With Lashbrook

Lashbrook Rings
Damascus Steel & Meteorite Rings from Lashbrook

Now Offering Made to Order Alternative Metal Wedding Rings!

Are you familiar with Lashbrook, the manufacturer of men’s wedding bands? If not, you will be very soon. After a year of coveting the company’s designs, I’m pleased to announce that Krikawa is now carrying a great line of its alternative metal men’s bands. More...

What's So Cool about Warm Rose Gold?

The Uniqueness of Rose Gold

Popular Rose Gold Engagement Ring Settings

Rose gold, also called red or pink gold, is an alloy
Rose Gold Engagement Ring with Pink Sapphire
Tree of Life Engagement Ring with Pink Sapphire
of copper and gold; it has a lovely, warm, rosy hue. Experiencing a rise of popularity, rose gold engagement rings topped the chart with Blake Lively's Giant two million dollar rose gold engagement ring.  From fashion designers such as Michael Kors all the way to haute couture, rose gold is rocking the world.   The warm peachy tones are perfect for an engagement ring.  Rose gold speaks volumes about the alternative bride: it takes you back to the Roman Empire, yet keeps you grounded with it's earth tones.