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Mar 19, 2020

A Virus of Love Amidst a Virus of Fear

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For the first time in my life, I find myself scanning the news headlines every morning.  At first, my attention was hooked by the data, and I was curious what the next day's graphs would look like. I became obsessively fascinated by the statistics. And day by day, the curves maintained their exponential march towards vertical.

Fascination turned to shock as I read the blog written by the doctor in Italy. The image of the tears running down the face of a nurse, having to choose who to put the ventilator on. The stats in New York and Seattle. The world has been brought to its knees. The United States, to a complete standstill. Waiting.

I feel grateful that I live in Pima County, in the state of Arizona.  Here are some statistics for you:

Pima County:
  • 9000 square miles
  • Population of 1 million.
  • Schools and restaurants closed when we had 5 cases.  

New York State:
  • 300 square miles
  • Population of 8.6 million
  • Schools and restaurants closed when they had 700 cases.  

I can’t know what it’s like to be there now, except for the accounts of others. I can’t know what it’s like to have a parent hospitalized and die, and not being able to be with them. I can’t be there. I can’t feel everyone’s pain.

And yet I feel and see so many things. The world is like a technicolor kaleidoscope that was turning at a breakneck speed, and now it’s in suspended animation, and I’m gazing at each paused color, in a dazed fascination.

The weird thing is, I know that my fears are shared by virtually everyone. Will I keep my job? How can I keep my employees working and paid? What if, after decades of blood, sweat and tears of building my business, I have to shut it down forever? What if I lose my house? What if my dad gets sick? Can the banks suspend payment on a hundred million mortgages?

I’ve been a business coach (with a heavy dose of life coaching) long enough to know that, while it’s good to feel what you’re feeling, it’s also important to pull yourself back into a state of appreciation and inspiration, if not just for your own well being, but also for those around you.

In this surreal experience, I've slowly turned my attention back to the things that I love.

I love that my kids are all home. I love their laughter, their present-moment beingness.

I love that my pantry is cleaned out, organized and full. I open the door every now and then and look at it. I love that I can feed my family for a long time.

I love that my husband is cooking so many amazing meals for our family.

I love my business. I love my staff. I love the creativity and craftsmanship that I get to witness every day. I love helping our clients express their love in tiny works of magic.

What do you love?

Remember that blog I wrote about being boycotted by someone who wouldn’t work with a “gay-friendly jeweler?” The strangest and most unexpected result of that blog was the outpouring of love that happened after it posted. It was quite literally the most viral blog I had ever written. I was amazed at the time; people came out of the woodwork to applaud a stand for love.  

With all the spreading of fear and uncertainty that has been our cultural norm, I only see it intensifying with this corona virus. People are starved for love.

I suggest a virus of love. 

What if we take this time to really BE WITH the ones we love? Not just in the same room, but consciously WITH.

What if we take this time to reach out and connect, not by social media, but with our voice and heart?

What if we comply with “physical” distancing, but conspire to induce a social opening of the heart?

What if the earth is breathing a sigh of relief from transportation and industry?

What will our brave new world look like after COVID-19?  That’s up to you and me. I suggest a second wave of infection. 

With the virus of love. 

What do you love?  Comment here. Look Around


  • Maria B Kantor
    Mar 23, 2020

    I totally agree with the virus of love attitude. I love spending this special time with my husband, sharing meals, talking about everything, and keeping in touch with our grown children who live far away has been even more insightful. I am also talking to friends I hadn't talk to in ages. Thank you Lisa for this uplifting article. Bless your business and family.

  • Anne Santoro
    Mar 21, 2020

    I would like to reiterate each word that Alphonso H Murrieta so eloquently wrote and posted here on March 20,2020! Lisa you are a visionary and I look forward to continuing to support you and your awakened heart ??!

  • Alfonso H Murrieta
    Mar 20, 2020

    Lisa you have hit the head of the nail with what you wrote and I appreciate you taking the time to express yourself in the way you did. I thank you for your words of wisdom and appreciate them. Keep creating and using the gift that was bestowed on you. God bless you, your family, your business, and your employees.


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