Introducing Our New Partnership With Lashbrook

Lashbrook Rings
Damascus Steel & Meteorite Rings from Lashbrook

Now Offering Made to Order Alternative Metal Wedding Rings!

Are you familiar with Lashbrook, the manufacturer of men’s wedding bands? If not, you will be very soon. After a year of coveting the company’s designs, I’m pleased to announce that Krikawa is now carrying a great line of its alternative metal men’s bands.

This is the first time we’ve sold pieces not designed in-house, but the decision to expand with Lashbrook was an easy one. I’ve wanted to add alternative metal bands to our offerings for a while now, but because we don’t own the equipment to machine them, our choices were limited to rings that couldn’t be customized or only came in one width or half sizes. Lashbrook, on the other hand, owns a beautiful, 17,000-square-foot shop in Utah that’s filled with machinery that’s designed to work with all sorts of alternative metals. But what sold us was the fact that the company has the capability to produce the kind of highly designed, one-off rings we specialize in. And every band comes with a lifetime guarantee.

What does this mean for our customers? Simply put, you have even more options for customizing your men’s wedding band. Thanks to our partnership with Lashbrook, you can now choose bands in six different alternative metals:

-Cobalt chrome
-Black zirconium
-Damascus steel

The design process will be the same—you’ll work with our consultant to decide on the just-right width, size and look of your band. Next, you'll get the Krikawa-famous sizing rings to confirm your size and width selection. Then, instead of handing your specifications to one of our modelers, we’ll give it to Lashbrook, who in turn will produce the ring of your dreams.

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