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Aug 31, 2018

The Best Jewelry of 2018

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2018 has been a beautiful year in many ways. While I was working on our monthly newsletter for our Labor Day special, I was trying to pick my favorite images for the email, and I had a really hard time!  So I decided to put together a curated collection of my favorite images from the past year.  Here's a shout out to our most phenomenal in-house photographer, Michelle!  I'm grateful for HER art as well! If you enjoy this, let me know in the comments below :-)

The finest mokume gane rings on the planet (I'm unbiased of course!).

We'll start with four very beautiful mokume ring designs, from the extreme to the classic.
blue sapphire cocktail ring
black and white mokume bridal set
mokume bridal set

Corporate logo cufflinks: are they real or are they memorex?

The below cufflinks are a corporate project and this image is actually just a CAD rendering!  This was a joint design project between myself (sketch), my brother Pat (CAD design), and my husband John (rendering).
custom corporate cufflinks

The most unusual stones of the year.

A beautiful turquoise inlay engagement ring, a ginormous opal, a one of a kind carved sapphire cameo, and an octagonal raw sapphire.  Yummmm!

Turquoise engagement ring
huge opal engagement ring
cameo signet womens ring
raw sapphire engagement ring


A complete birthstone set, I want it in ruby of course.

How about turning your favorite motif or style into a complete parure with your lover's birthstones for the ultimate holiday gift?  I say yes!
leaf jewelry set

Diamonds, diamonds and lab created diamonds!

Here's some major sparkle factor... diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds!
luxury diamond and ruby engagement ring
yellow gold and diamond ring in bezels

The below yellow diamond earrings are a matched pair of lab created diamonds!
dragonfly engagement ring
lab created diamond earrings

A penchant for pendants!

We continue to create beautiful, unique pendants.  Good for special occasions and everyday!  And ooh I just had to throw in the gorgeous aquamarine pendant even though we didn't create it this year.  Forgive me?
princess journey pendant
mokume pendant
vintage style trillion aquamarine pendant

Our wildlife protection collection is taking wing...

Our wildlife collection is taking off as if in front of a wildfire! What spirit animal would you like to see carved into a miniature sculpture? Stay tuned for a Wildlife Collection that supports endangered species... and if there's an animal you'd like to see represented, comment below!
eagle ring
wolf and mountain ring

We're down with gay pride!

Two beautiful hers and hers sets.  Our LGBT couples always rave about the warm assistance our design team gives.  We're a diverse group!  One World!  It's easy, frankly these couples are the nicest, most fun and have the best creative design sense!  I don't mean to stereotype, shame on me but just sayin... O_O
hers and hers raw diamond ring set
hers and hers engagement ring set

Keeping earrings warm with gemmy jackets.

This set of earring jackets was a labor of love!  Cindy and Pat worked together on this, Cindy sketching and engineering, Pat doing the CAD, and Cindy finishing up with the gold smithing.  Nice work Team!
earring jackets

Nothin' special, just drop dead gorgeous.

Two classic beauties.  Wonderful ways to display rose gold and diamonds in eternally gorgeous ways.

gorgeous diamond halo engagement ring in rose gold
luxury diamond ring in rose gold

I wanna make more Queen's Jewels!

Pictured here is the amazing mokume bracelet we made with the sketch I created for the client.  What an honor to be able to create such a Queen's Jewel!

custom sketch mokume bracelet

Treasures from the sea...

Waves swirl... first is a mermaid fountain ring, and then the anchor ring is a his and hers set of wedding rings, with the map of the world on the other side.  I spent hours of layout on this one, Pat did the modeling and Cindy rocked the engraving!

ocean wave mermaid ring
map and waves wedding set

Make it snow Elsa!

How about some big white beauties?

oval diamond mokume ring
gorgeous luxury diamond ring in infinity setting

One step closer to divinity...

A touch of the sacred with a Heart Chakra Enhancer and Symbol, along side this beautiful Lotus Bud Engagement Ring.
heart chakra ring set
lotus flower engagement ring

Queen of Hearts, eat your heart out!

A few more rarities for engagement rings: a raw diamond crystal in a rope scaffolding engagement ring for the Sea Queen (this is three rings!!!); an engagement ring for a Polynesian princess with lab emerald, alexandrite and pearls; and a natural orange sapphire for the Queen of the Galaxy! What does the ring for your queen look like?

raw diamond engagement ring
polynesian engagement ring
orange sapphire engagementring

Glorious gifting for a jaw dropping response.

Two wonderful gift ideas; a tie clip and a mother's ring.

mokume tie bar
mothers ring

Storms make the oak grow deeper roots.

The oak leaf collection is literally blowing up around here!

oak leaf bridalset
oak leaf engagement ring

oak leaf wedding bands
trigold oak leaf wedding ring

Open your letters in style.  Everyday beauty.

Another spectacular work of modeling by Pat and rendering by John!  We haven't made this yet but are adding letter openers to our offerings!

letter opener

We keep helping our fellow tree huggers express their true nature.

Nature continues to be a predominant theme with our Krikawa designers and artists!
tsavorite tree branch engagement ring
simple branch engagement ring
tree of life set
cocktail ring gallery

Making fine custom jewelry for forward thinking businesses is our next venture.

Ok I have to admit that the guitar ring below is just a photoshop of mokume onto Pat's guitar ring.  Any takers?  These are more images from our Corporate Collection.
corporate logo jewelry
custom corporate logo jewelry
guitar ring

Wear Krikawa every day.  The art of adornment can change your whole outlook.

I love the simplicity and every day elegance of these jewelry pieces!
rose gold hand forged knot jewelry
pink sapphire pendants

The Kings and Queens of the world need Krikawa too.

The shield and quatrefoil are such regal motifs. 
mens signet ring
gorgeous two tone diamond ring

Still my beating heart!!!

Seriously, what can you say to this????  Don't ask for one, this diamond is LITERALLY one of a kind.
most gorgeous luxury custom ring ever

What does your skin look like?

Coming to an end with some of our skins in our wildlife collection... stay tuned for more in this arena! 

scales wedding band
shark skin wedding band

A blast from the past with stones lovingly cut by hand to fit.

And lastly, another vintage recreation with custom cut emeralds. DE-Lish!

custom emerald halo vintage ring

Leave me a comment!

I hope you enjoyed these images! Let me know which is your favorite in the comments below!  What does your queen's jewel look like?  What would you like me to blog about?  Let me know!
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  • Lori Ruben
    Sep 08, 2018

    Absolutely AMAZING, ONE-OF-A-KIND DESIGNS that ONLY KRIKAWA can deliver!!!!

  • Dr. Marti J. Thomas
    Sep 08, 2018

    Hey, where’s my ring? It should be show here too!!!

  • Laura Held
    Sep 08, 2018

    Your work is always breathtaking, Lisa. So proud of you. Thank you for the eye candy treat. It was a real treat this day.

  • Caroline Yingling
    Sep 08, 2018

    All of your jewelry is absolutely stunning !!!. But my favorite is still the simple bear claw ring made from silver I have loved for years.. I don't even know if you still make that design. Please continue to make the wildlife ring collection. Maybe one day I can get the bear claw ring. Thank you, Caroline


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