William Henry

Unique designer pocket knives

These are the perfect luxury gift for his pocket! The seamless integration of classic natural materials, precious metals & gemstones, and forged metals derived from the ancient art of sword-making, is a hallmark of William Henry’s work. Each piece is created to be worn, used and admired for a lifetime before being handed on to another generation.
  • Pikatti 'WMMC' Knife

    Color and details abound on this luxurious pocket knife combining Mokume Gane, fossilized Woolly Mammoth bone, and a blade featuring William Henry's signature 'copper wave' damascus steel.

  • Ventana Prescott Knife

    Named for the beautiful city out west, this pocket knife combines three different patterns with the wood-grain, mokume gane, and copper damascus wave. They compliment each other beautifully and give off a unique western feel.

  • Kestrel Singe Knife

    Talk about strength and durability! This pocket knife features aerospace grade titanium frame and an extra strong core steel blade, all in a modern, unique design.

  • Kestrel Raven Knife

    A detailed pocket knife that beautifully combines old-world craftsmanship in the mokume gane and damascus steel with the modern carbon fiber inlay.

  • Kestrel Eclipse Knife

    A pocket knife that is out of this world! A piece of Gibeon meteorite is inlaid into the colorful damascus frame. A unique, luxurious gift for any occasion.

  • Persian Yuma Knife

    This sophisticated pocket knife will never go out of style. The modern, sleek design is accented with beautiful turquoise inlay and white topaz gemstones.

  • Spearpoint Soar Knife

    Intricate details abound throughout this pocket knife from the hand carved details to the turquoise inlay and damascus steel blade. An amazing gift to last a lifetime and become a cherished family heirloom for generations to come.

  • Spearpoint Inferno Knife

    A modern pocket knife with a gothic vibe, both the frame and blade are hand-forged and the scull and vines is hand-carved sterling silver. A true work of art to last a lifetime!

  • Gentac Red Sun Knife

    A classic pocket knife design with a unique twist! The blade features William Henry's signature 'Copper Wave' damascus design. A perfect gift for any occasion.

  • Rogue Barracuda Knife

    If you are looking for a straight to the point knife that will stand the test of time, look no further than the Barracuda with its state of the art alloy blade and aerospace grade titanium handle.

  • Gentac Stockade Knife

    A subtle yet stunning work of art, the Stockade pocket knife combines two different damascus patterns, merging ancient metal work with modern design.

  • Monarch Prosper Knife

    This knife features a 24k gold koftgari and inlaid with black-lip pearl handle and a damascus steel blade with spinel accents.

  • Kestrel Weston Knife

    This knife frame is sterling inlaid with snakewood scales. The blade is 'Boomerang' damascus, button lock and thumb stud are Rainforest topaz gems.

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