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I received my ring a couple weeks ago & was very satisfied w/ the outcome. After I had examined it, I was very happy & amazed w/ the details. It was exactly what I had expected & you guys do your jobs well. Thank you for providing me w/ an unforgettable gift. My fiance & I are a really simple couple & the ring totally represents who we are. Again, thank you & hopefully we'll be able to do business again.

- Joseph Poblador
Stockton, CA

Mother's Rings

customize with your mothers birthstones for a heartfelt gift of love!

Co-create a personalized mother's ring with Krikawa.  Choose birthstones representing her children and present her with a unique ring she will always cherish.  Whether it is your own mother, mother-in-law, grandmother or wife, mother's rings, mother's rings are everyday reminders of familial love.