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Meteorite Engagement Ring

Jun 11, 2015

Meteorite Engagement Rings: Out-of-This-World!

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When it comes to designing your own engagement ring, most of us want anything but cookie cutter. In fact, the more unique and special, the better—which is a big reason couples are flocking to rings made of Gibeon meteorite.

This warm grey material is truly like nothing on earth. For starters, it’s tough to find; it’s exclusively found in Namibia, in a huge field of meteorites that are millions of years old. (Thanks to our partnership with Lashbrook, we’re one of the few jewelers who offer it.) Also, because this space rock crystallizes in a unique pattern when it crosses into our atmosphere, every piece is slightly different. This is especially evident during polishing and etching, when those prized crystal formations appear.
Though meteorite is famously rustic in appearance, it can certainly be dressed up. One of the biggest selling points of the otherworldly material is how accommodating it is. It can be inlaid into any precious metals, including gold or platinum, and looks especially beautiful when contrasted with a light shiny metal, like white gold. If budget allows, try a custom approach by framing the space-age material with a simple, stunning row of white and black diamonds.

But make no mistake: meteorite is more than just a pretty face. It’s also superhero-strong. A mixture of iron and steel, and reinforced with the backing of another metal, it’s made to take a beating. In fact, the material’s durability is one of the many reasons behind its rise in popularity, though the wallet-friendly price point doesn’t hurt, either. Bands typically range from $900 to $1,100.

Not surprisingly, maintenance is simple. The metal is oiled every time it’s refinished, so it resists rusting and cracking, though I would avoid leaving it in a pool of water for long periods of time. And although you’ll eventually see a patina of wear over time—the etching and crystals will appear muted—meteorite can easily be re-etched and refinished, so it will look as gorgeous as it did the day you slipped it on.
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