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Dec 15, 2016

Matching Wedding Bands But NOT Matchy Matchy

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Celtic Knot Wedding Band Set Are you considering a matching set of wedding bands, but would like to retain your own unique individual expression? This was the case for a couple who came to Krikawa looking for custom wedding rings. Although the couple both loved the idea and symbolism of the Celtic Knot, they did not want their rings to be "matchy matchy." Thus, a wedding band set was created that is kindred in style but not identical. 

These Celtic Knot Wedding Bands feature the same eternity knot wrapping around the entire band, however that is where the similarities end. 

Below, Lisa Krikawa discusses the advantages of having matching wedding bands that are still customized to each individual's style:

"I love the Celtic Knot Wedding Set that we just recently created. So the customer comes in and she really wanted a narrow Celtic knot band for herself to go up with her engagement ring and yet her husband wanted a really wide one and they wanted them to match. She did not want that width and she also wanted something a little more feminine. So we took the pattern that she was inspired by most and created a wedding band for her that is pierced so you can see though it, it's a little bit more delicate, it's more sculptural. We then took that same pattern and laid it into a liner with some millegraining for him. So he has a little bit of a different look but it is more masculine. The set together looks beautiful however, it's not identical so its not matchy match. They each have their own personality infused into their ring."

Celtic Knot Wedding Band Set RenderingCustom Ring Production Begins

To begin the production process of both rings, the clients' design ideas and the expertise of Krikawa's Design Team came together to ensure the clients were not only getting their dream rings, but they would receive rings that would stand the test of time. A 3D rendering was created for the clients, the design team, and the production team. With this multi-angle rendering, they could all see the end result and discuss any issues before production began.   
Due to the complex, eternal pattern of the knot, it was first created on a computer by our in-house CAD modeler. After the knot design was complete, a 3D printer was used to make the wax model, then the traditional method of lost wax casting was employed to turn the model into metal.  No molds were used.

Vintage Celtic Knot BandIn the final Vintage Celtic Knot Band, this band gets its vintage feel from the millegrain detail. Millegrain is the row of tiny beads that runs along the edge of the yellow gold rails. This was a popular decorative technique in the first half of the twentieth century and you will commonly see it on antique jewelry.

How is this technique achieved? Historically, a little roller is hand-rolled over the edges to give the appearance of tiny round balls. Contemporary milgraining is done two ways: Larger beads are cast in place, for a larger look or the traditional wheel is used for true milgraining. In the case of the Vintage Celtic Knot Band, we used the authentic, hand-rolled technique.

The use of both 14k yellow gold for the rails and palladium for the center knot gives the ring beautiful contrast and allows the intricate knot pattern to "pop". Adding to the contrast, is the finish of the ring. The rails and knot were given a high polish finish while the recessed areas of the knot were given a matte finish which both darkened them and gave them some texture. 
Sculptural Celtic Knot Band in Palladium
Now on to the other ring in this "not matchy matchy" set: The Sculptural Celtic Knot Band. It is the same eternal Celtic knot as the Vintage Celtic Knot Band and was also made out of the same metal: Palladium. However, that is where the resemblance ends. The Sculptural Celtic Knot Band has no liner metal behind it or rails beside it.The knot is "sculpted" out of the palladium with negative spaces within the design. This makes the ring lighter and more delicate in comparison. The whole ring was given a high polish finish.

A Match Made in Love

When client's ideas join forces with the Krikawa Team, the end result is a beautiful wedding band set that is symbolic of eternal love and devotion.

Custom Celtic Knot Wedding Band Set

Both the Vintage Celtic Knot Band and the Sculptural Celtic Knot Band are now up on our website and ready for you to make them your own with the numerous metal options available. 

We also have a variety of other Celtic & Knot Wedding Bands for you to choose from and you can work with one of our designers to customize them. You can even Design Your Own Knot Wedding Ring!
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