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How to Capture Your Love in a Mountain Wilderness Ring

Nov 08, 2015

How to Capture Your Love in a Mountain Wilderness

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Mountains settle the soul.  "Climb every mountain!" is a directive that has pulled on millions of souls around the world.   
I love going to the mountains.  Hiking, camping, or just driving through; time in the mountains seem to put things into perspective.  It's funny; the first date that my husband and I went on was actually camping.  And, two years later, on our honeymoon, more than half of the three weeks was spent camping.
When I spend a day or two in the mountains, my mind clears from all the mundane garbage that seems to collect, and I feel a greater sense of clarity. As John Muir put it, "The clearest way to the universe is through a forest wilderness."
I love our Mountain Wedding Rings.  What better way to ground yourself and your loved one than with wedding bands that capture the mountains that capture your soul? I believe that many couples have experienced this clarity of self, and appreciation for each other, when time is spent away from the busy world, communing with nature.
Catalina Mountain Range Wedding Rings
Catalina Mountain Range Wedding Ring Set
The classic Krikawa mountain ring started from inspiration from our own backyard, the Catalina Mountains.  There was an instant attraction to the ring design from our entire staff.   It's so outstanding, because of the gorgeous handwork that goes into carving the cracks and crevices of the mountain. 
Carving the Mountain Wedding Ring
Carving the Mountain Wedding Ring
Mockups of Mokume Mountain Ring 
Mockups of Mokume Mountain Ring
Veins of gold and platinum run through the mountains.  Mixing the metals together in different combinations give us the glorious colors of yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.
Mokume Gane Mountain Wedding Ring
Mokume Gane Mountain Wedding Ring
Which metal resonates with you? Your Krikawa designer can help you visualize the mountain ring in different colors, through a simple trick of photoshop.  Of course, each mountain ring is hand made to order, so the mokume and hand carving is unique each time we make it.
Adding mokume gane to the mountain ring shoots veins of color throughout the sky, like an aurora borealis, or a desert sunset.  The Trigold Mokume Mountain Ring as shown in the image on the right is a particularly nice, subtle mokume to use for the sky.
After helping our client pick the color combination that they want, our designers take the customer's photo of the mountain range of choice, and lay it our for the ring.  
The Catalina Mountains
The Catalina Mountains
Then, our CAD artist models in the silhouette of the mountain.  After the ring is printed and cast, it goes into the hands of our master goldsmith.
CAD Rendering
CAD Rendering showing only the silhouette
Alaska Bear Fish Mountain Wedding Ring
Alaska Bear Fish Mountain Wedding Ring
And the Misty Mountain Magic begins.
The carving is all done with a graver, which looks like a mini-chisel. Our master goldsmith looks at a photo of the mountain range, and carves into the metal, like the wind and rain carve into the rock.  Even trees, birds, and animals find their place in this mini-ecosystem.
After the Catalina Mountain range, we did Yosemite, Ranier, and Manitoba.  Then, the ring evolved with mokume-gane, into our Mountain Mokume Wedding Band.  Other variations of this mountain ring are the Mountain Scene Band, which is a very minimalist description of a generic mountain, and our Mokume Symbol Ring.  The image below is a rendering of a mokume mountain ring with fancy colored diamonds that we have yet to make.  Any takers?
Mountain Desert Panorama Ring Rendering
Mountain Desert Panorama Ring Rendering
What's your favorite mountain range?  I'd love to know!  Type it into the comments below.
Krikawa.  Where Your Dream Ring Comes True.
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  • Kara Johnson
    Aug 08, 2020

    My fiance is planning to be a pastor. I’d love to do something special and unique for him such as this. Mount Olivet in Jerusalem is the range I’d like to have done for him. I have some clear images of it, if it’s something you have not done before. I’d like more information on this if possible! Much appreciated, and God bless

  • Whitney
    Aug 17, 2016

    I am not good at favorites, but two mountain ranges I am drawn to are the Sawtooths in Idaho and the Wallowas in Oregon. Right in my backyard and both equally stunning in their own way. Your mnt. range rings are beautiful. Keep up the good work.


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