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Diamond Fluorescence from GIA

Oct 29, 2014

What Is Diamond Fluorescence? Everything you need to glow!

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Of all the amazing features of a diamond, I think one of the coolest is its ability to glow under a UV light. The phenomenon, called fluorescence, doesn’t occur in all diamonds, but it’s fairly common. About a quarter of all the diamonds submitted to the Gemological Institute of America over the past decade show some degree of it.

While fluorescence is included on the GIA diamond grading report, it’s nowhere near as noticeable as any of the four C’s. In fact, in most cases, you won’t see it at all -- very few of my clients even know they have a fluorescent stone until they bring it into my store for inspection. The rare exception? Around 10% of diamonds with very strong fluorescence can appear hazy, muted, greasy or oily to the naked eye. But rest assured, they’re a fraction of what’s on the market -- GIA estimates only 0.2 percent of its diamonds have it.

Glowing Diamond Flourescence
This Krikawa client requested a very strong fluorescence!

 Although some shoppers consider fluorescence a flaw, in actuality it has no bearing on a stone’s structural integrity or strength. Still, when you go shopping for diamonds, jewelers tend to present ones with no or faint fluorescence. That’s because these are highly prized, heavily traded and (naturally) tend to cost a bit more. If you’re willing to consider looking at diamonds with some fluorescence, chances are you’ll find one that looks just as good -- for potentially hundreds of dollars less.

flourescing diamond
Fluorescing Diamond

 And frankly, sometimes, fluorescence can even work in your favor. Though the light emitted can be yellow, a whopping 95 percent of fluorescent diamonds glow blue. In those cases, if the fluorescence is strong enough, it can make a slightly yellowish diamond appear one or two grades whiter. Translation: You’ll get a more expensive-looking stone for much less -- and nobody will be the wiser.

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