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What size diamond is right for your hand?

Feb 03, 2016

What Size Diamond is Right for your Hand?

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Diamond engagement rings are simply not “one-size-fits-all” and when you are shopping for yourself or a lover, keep these handy tips in mind for choosing the right stone.

At first, this question might seem simply answered, “it’s all about what you can afford.” Yet many other factors should influence your design decisions and will make a big visual impact when you wear your diamond ring.

Three tips to keep in mind

Hand size
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Larger hands need a larger visible gem area. This does not necessarily mean a larger single gem although a single amazing gem certainly makes quite a statement! Too large a gem may overwhelm a small hand; it’s all about proportion.

You might stretch your budget by prioritizing size over clarity or color. In this case, go for a fabulous CUT stone with a slightly less than perfect clarity (since these flaws are the least visible to the untrained eye) It’s all about the SPARKLE!
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Strategize To stretch your budget, consider a HALO setting! Because diamonds increase exponentially in value, a ½ carat stone is not half the price of a 1 carat stone of the same quality; it’s closer to one fourth of the cost. A halo setting (a central diamonds surrounded by a “halo” of smaller diamonds) will have the same total visual area but cost much less that the equivalent sized single diamond!
The bottom-line is to first, figure out the right size of “sparkle area” for your hand then to maximize your value by choosing the right configuration of diamonds for your budget. You can achieve an impressive beauty and lasting appeal by factoring in both value and beauty.

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