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Montana Sapphire Engagement Rings

Nov 23, 2023

Montana Sapphire Engagement Rings

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Something Blue, Made Just for You!

Montana Sapphire engagement rings are having a moment and there's more to it than their beautiful delicate colors, almost-like-diamond durability, and ethical “Made in the USA” sourcing. We all know the time-honored rhyme that teaches how to have a happy and harmonious wedding day and marriage:


“Something old, something new, something borrowed,
something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe.”


oval montana sapphire engagement ring

A genuine Montana Sapphire (aka Mermaid Sapphire) also offers the convenience of crossing off “something blue” long before the actual nuptials!

However, blue isn't the only color; check out the color chart below!

Here's a closer look at these authentic American originals.

What Are Montana Sapphires?

The name doesn't say it all, but it does tell you a lot: Montana Sapphires are found in the western half of the Big Sky State. You might associate sapphires with only blue gemstones; however, sapphires from all over the world are found in a full rainbow of colors.  Also, rubies and sapphires are from the same corundum mineral species: red corundum stones are rubies, and all other color stones are sapphires.

Montana Sapphire raw from the mine
Rock Creek Montana Sapphires, Image courtesy of Americut Gems

Montana Sapphires are well known for the exceptionally wide range of high-clarity colors found: hues are delicate pastels, including soft greens, light blues, lush pinks, watercolor yellows, and gentle oranges. Most are discovered in secondary mines, meaning they're found closer to the surface, often loose, and recoverable using mining techniques that are environmentally friendly.


Montana Sapphires are beloved for having an earthy spirit that reflects the diverse imagery of nature, from the greens of forest leaves to the blue of rivers and wide open skies and the warmer colors of sunrises and sunsets. The range of colors, along with a suitable high-quality cut, means they are ideal for bringing unique character to an engagement ring and helping tell the story of a special love.


At Krikawa Custom Jewelers, we're committed to superior quality in every detail. We partner with a Montana gem specialist for all our Montana Sapphire stones to guarantee that our customers receive authentic and beautiful gemstones they can be confident and proud of. 

What Makes Montana Sapphires from Krikawa So Special?

Four things to know about the majority of gem-quality Montana Sapphires used in custom engagement rings by Krikawa:

  1. Mined, cut, and polished in the United States.

  2. Ethically sourced from eco-friendly mines.

  3. Cut and polished to produce superior brilliance.

  4. Accompanied by complete documentation.

Rock Creek River in Missoula Montana
Rock Creek River in Missoula Montana

We know many brides have their hearts set on celebrating their engagement with an authentic Montana Sapphire from Big Sky Country.

How To Pick a Montana Sapphire for Your Engagement Ring

Start with a free consultation by booking an appointment. You can discuss your size, shape and color preferences (check out the color chart below!), and your ideas for your ring.  Then, your design consultant will review the current Montana Sapphires that are available from the mine, and put together some options for you to choose from! 

Here are some examples of Montana Sapphires that are available as of the writing of this blog:

Teal, Bluish Green Montana Sapphire
Oval, 3.11 Carats
Inquire for Price
oval blue green montana sapphire 3 carat for sale
Oval Montana Sapphire for Sale

Teal, Greenish Blue Montana Sapphire for Sale
Radiant, 2.97 Carats
Inquire for Price
Greenish Blue Montana Sapphire for Sale
montana sapphire for sale

Light Blue Montana Sapphire for Sale
Emerald Cut, 2.40 Carat
Inquire for Price
2 carat light blue emerald cut montana sapphire for sale2 carat emerald cut montana sapphire for sale

Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring Design Ideas

When you work with Krikawa, you can peruse a huge portfolio of designs as starting point ideas and customize them, or you can start from scratch! Either way, your ring will be custom-made just for you.

The design possibilities are endless and offer the opportunity to choose a unique engagement ring that is truly special. Here's a look at two designs from Krikawa Custom Jewelers that show off the elegance and unique beauty of Montana Sapphire.

Petite Trinity Cluster Engagement Ring with Oval Montana Sapphire
green montana sapphire snowdrift engagement ring
14k yellow gold and platinum engagement ring with a 1.25ct teal Montana Sapphire

What's really distinctive about our Petite Trinity Cluster is the unique pronged basket setting that gives it a snowdrift look. It's a best-of-both-worlds design that allows a low-profile setting for the central Montana Sapphire stone, while also allowing light to shine through and create gorgeous prismatic sparkle.

This design blends traditional and contemporary elements to create an ideally feminine look that fondly recalls romantic notions from the past, while being on-trend in a way that's always in fashion. A cascade of diamonds adds extra bling and brings out the lush color of the center Montana Sapphire.

Personalize your design with choices for center stone setting precious metal, band precious metal, and accent stones type. This ring is the perfect choice for a bride who favors romance, glamour, classic styling, and is not afraid to show off a little!

Embracing Tree Branch Bezel Engagement Ring with Montana Sapphire
Tree branch engagement ring with round cut montana sapphire
Platinum engagement ring with a 2-carat Montana Sapphire

Our Embracing Tree Branch Bezel Montana Sapphire engagement ring evokes a lot of meaning within its artisanal design. Sinuous branches shape a full bezel to define an elegant and naturalistic arboresque motif, coming together to cradle a pastel-hued Montana Sapphire.

The design is wonderfully unconventional and provides a refreshing opportunity to instill your engagement with unique character. This ring has the appearance of a fantastical treasure from a magical realm of romance and splendor.

Personalize your design with a selection for the precious metal. This is a wonderful choice for brides who want their engagement ring to tell a story, share a time-honored meaning, and be a focal point for attention.

Creating Your Perfect Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring

According to the design, your choices might be simple—precious metal type and ring size—or more extravagant and personal, with additional options for multiple metal types, accent stones, and more. Each choice is an opportunity for you to express your personality, your desires, and the story of your love.

For more information about designing the engagement ring of your dreams, see our tips for developing your ideas and our complete buyer's guide and design checklist

At Krikawa Custom Jewelers, our team is excited to listen to your ideas for the perfect Montana Sapphire engagement ring and then apply our expertise and craft to bring them to life. Email us, text us at 520-322-6090, or book an appointment today and let's begin a conversation about making your dream style and look come true.

Montana Sapphire Color Chart

Montana Sapphire Color Chart

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