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Jewels for Ghouls

Oct 17, 2018

Jewels for Ghouls: 5 Goth Inspired Jewelry Pieces

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October is the season for all things spooky. As we draw closer to Halloween, we want to share some jewelry inspiration for the season. Here are some boo-tiful pieces that are sure to keep the dark glam going all month long.

1. Berlin Iron Bracelet:
berlin iron bracelet
Image Source :Georgian (1714-1830) German, from Antique Jewellery Company

Would you give up your gold for iron? This is what the Prussian Royal family asked its aristocrats and upper class citizens to do in early 19th century Germany.

They used the gold to help fund an uprising against Napoleon during the War of Liberation. In return they were given iron jewelry which often bore patriotic sentiments and the phrase “Ich gab geld um eisen” (I gave gold for iron). Commonly called ‘Berlin Iron’, this type of jewelry became popular due to its symbiotic relationship with a feeling of patriotism and loyalism.

Iron jewelry was also worn in Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries for its alluring black color and appeal as mourning jewelry.

2. Spider Rings
spider rings
Image source: NN by Nghi’s spider rings
Spiders tend to get an unfair reputation, especially around halloween, but here are a couple spiders that won’t give you the heebie-jeebies or bring out your inner arachnophobia.  

NN by Nghi’s spider rings are encrusted with diamonds, orange sapphires and precious metal.

In an article by the South China Morning Post the Brooklyn-based Vietnamese-Australian designer and founder of NN by Nghi, Nghi Nguyen, states “It's exciting to see women ready to lead and take charge, and want jewels and accessories that empower them.”

3. Beetle Wing Earrings 
"I, myself am strange and unusual” and so are these sexy Elytra Drop Studs by Anna Johnson, which are totally giving us Beetlejuice and goth vibes.

These earrings are made from jewel beetle wing casings, pearls, rainbow moonstone, sterling silver and  fine silver. Johnson primarily uses ethically sourced found objects mixed with semi-precious and precious materials when creating her designs.

According to Johnson's website, her intention is to create soulful pieces that present nature in an unfamiliar context to prompt people to make more conscious efforts to protect the environment.

4. Bat Statement Ring
Bats are a traditional halloween symbol. Back in the day, samhain festivals and halloween celebrations would involve large bonfires, which would attract mosquitoes and moths; A large food source for... you guessed it, bats! When vampires, who feed on blood and transform to bats, entered halloween folklore the bats were here to stay for good.

Take your love for the holiday (or bats) to the next level with this magical bat inspired ring from Stephen Webster. Handcrafted in 18k white gold, black opalescent with clear quartz Crystal Haze, 0.35 carat black diamond pavé and thorn accents.

5. Bat Engagement Ring
There is no such thing as too many bats. Here is another unique nocturnal animal inspired ring made by Krikawa Jewelry. Notice the little bat feet holding the center stone!

This engagemnt ring is shown made in Palladium with a 1.27ct blue and green bi-color sapphire in the center. Small diamonds act as the spines of the bats on each side. A cool feature about this ring is the metal and center stone can be custom made to your preference. 

Express the goth in you with a unique piece by Krikawa.
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