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Sep 20, 2017

The 3 Marks of Luxury: Will Your Engagement Ring Pass?

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It catches your eye as she walks by; is that ring real?  We've all seen the celebrity engagement ring with the supersized stone, and the flurry of look a-likes that flood the market afterwards.  What makes the original so luxurious, and the imitation just that; the ugly stepsister?

There's more to a luxury engagement ring than meets the eye.  If you really want to feel that luxurious supernatural hum when you look at your engagement ring, or if you truly hope for your beloved to swoon every time she gazes at the ring you engaged her with, consider these three things.

First Check:  A Center Stone to Live For

blue diamond engagement ring
The most obvious and central feature of an expensive engagement ring is the center stone.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, but having created thousands of engagement rings, having looked at tens of thousands of diamonds, sapphires, and other potential engagement ring stones, I know what stops ME in my tracks, and makes me check box one for luxury center stone.

  • A Fancy Colored Diamond.  Whether it's natural or color enhanced or lab created, I still personally swoon when I look at a fancy colored diamond.  Spectacular sparkle, eye-watering color.  This one is a grand slam. 
  • padparadscha sapphireA Rare Padparadscha Sapphire.  The hottest colored gemstone on the market for engagement rings is that juicy, passionate seductive peachy pink color. Most rings you'll see, though, are made with a morganite, or other not so rare colored sapphire. The Padparadscha dazzles with the peachy pinks of a sunset in the Caribbean, and the price tag of a TRUE Padparadscha will have you ordering a dry martini instead of a cosmopolitan. Maybe two. Find some amazing Pads in our search tool here.
  • A Large White Diamond.  Preferably not a round brilliant.  Okay, this might just peg me as a true diamond snob, but I'm over the round brilliant diamond.  I've seriously seen far to many.  That's not to say that if my husband presented me with a three carat round brilliant diamond, I wouldn't blush, however, let's make it an old European cut, an ultimate FireCushion (perfectly cut cushion shaped diamonds), or, stop my heart, a true Asscher cut diamond.  And what I mean by large, for your luxury checkbox, means we're going to have to hit the two carat mark.  IMO.

Second Check: Ring Design

Now, as a ring maker myself, I am admittedly partial to an aesthetically artistic and proportionally perfect ring design.  However, there are some points of a ring, Krikawa or not, that push the design into luxury.
  • Almost Obnoxiously Diamond Enhanced.  Have some sparkle with your sparkle.  Just sayin'.  Your luxury mounting could pass this portion from the very fact that the total carat weight of the ring comes in somewhere near Pi.
 luxury engagement ring
  • Sculptural Masterpiece.  It doesn't need a pound of diamonds to cross over into the light, however.  If your engagement ring teases the eye like the sculpture of David, you can check this box also.  Instead of the blatantly obvious diamond carat weight to say, "Hello!  I was expensive!" the goldsmight labor for the ring might just have been enough to build a pyramid.  Ok, a really small pyramid.
  • Simply Platinum.  And short of a Pi of diamonds or the sculpture of David, if the ring is well made of platinum, that is just enough to put a second check on my Luxury box metric.

Third Check: Craftsmanship

Again, my bias is going to hang out here. At Krikawa, we make well crafted rings, like, REALLY well crafted rings.  It was the first thing I learned to do.  I realized right away I didn't want to be in the repair business, and if these suckers are going to be bashed around on the end of a hand, day in and day out, for like 30 or 50 years, they had BETTER be made well.  

But there are some key metrics of craftsmanship that really have to be met in order for you to call the ring luxury.
  • Straight Stone Setting.  This may seem self-evident, but it obviously is not, I can tell you from looking at thousands of mass manufactured engagement rings.  Stones shoved in, crooked, metal smeared across the setting.... ew.  It might sparkle, but look at it with a high powered loupe, and yuck.  Also, the stones are way more likely to fall out when they are not in a sturdy setting, but just for quality, I'm looking for straight, on square setting of my stones.
 luxury diamond ring
  • Structural Integrity.  Prong thickness to withstand a lifetime of wear is a must.  In addition, all the integrity of the metal framework should be sound.  That is, sufficient to withstand bending, and strong enough to hold the stones, even when worn on a hand. I know, this sounds obvious, yet thousands of brides will contest that it apparently, is not.
  • Finish.  The ring should be finely finished, so the light rolls off of the surfaces without rippling, dimpling, or sanding marks.  Inner surfaces should be treated, and not just left raw.

All in all, your luxury engagement ring should present an awesome center stone, proudly ensconsed in a veritable sculpture of delight, with the hand of the craftsperson notable even under magnification.

If you want to hit the trifecta of luxury, consider the concierge level service at, where our designers are friendly and knowledgable, and we can help you make your dream ring a reality.

Krikawa.  Experience the Art of the Luxury Ring.
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