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salt and pepper diamond the hottest trend in engagement rings

Sep 11, 2019

The Hottest Trend in Engagement Rings: Salt and Pepper Diamonds

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Many engagement ring trends have seen their day, such as rose gold rings, black diamond center stones and whatever the most current celebrity said “I do” to. But nothing is quite so interesting as the latest surge of unique engagement rings: the salt and pepper diamond. 

Here is everything you need to know about salt and pepper diamonds and what to consider when buying one.

salt and pepper engagement rings
Salt and pepper diamond in rose gold vintage ring

What is a salt and pepper diamond?

A salt and pepper diamond is a naturally occurring diamond. This popular choice for engagement rings is faceted, just like the traditional choice, the white round brilliant diamond.  What makes it unique is that it is heavily included, but not just with any type of inclusions. Salt and pepper inclusions.salt and pepper inclusions

What are diamond inclusions?

Inclusions in diamonds can have different types of appearances. Using layman's terms, diamond inclusions may appear as lines, black spots, white spots, clouds, cracks, and sometimes fields of transparent colors. A diamond may have large opaque (not transparent) inclusions that you cannot see through, and then some diamonds are completely opaque, like the most recently trending diamond, the black diamond

What makes the salt and pepper inclusions different?

The inclusions in a salt and pepper diamond look just like spilled salt and pepper. Since every diamond made by mother nature is a unique, one-of-a-kind crystal, determining whether a diamond fits the “salt and pepper” bill is definitely subjective. Ideally, the black and white inclusions and crystals will be somewhat evenly spaced throughout the stone, and not clumped up or overwhelmingly black. And, if there is enough transparency to the stone that some of the light can hit the bottom facets and sparkle up to the eyes, even better.

Why are salt and pepper diamonds so popular?

salt and pepper diamond
A collection of salt and pepper diamonds at Krikawa

There are many different reasons for a trend, however, the salt and pepper diamond has two appealing aspects. First, they are significantly more affordable than traditional white diamonds; and second, they are intriguing and interesting. Looking closely, one can get lost in the intricacies of the beautiful inclusions, like looking into a tiny world.

What are the drawbacks to salt and pepper diamonds?

If you are looking for a salt and pepper diamond for your engagement ring, you'll want to consider price and durability.

Regarding price: unlike the still trending black diamond, which is typically a treated diamond, the salt and pepper diamond is a natural and specific phenomenon. That means there is a limited supply of aesthetically pleasing salt and pepper diamonds, unlike the profusion of treated black diamonds on the market. So, while salt and pepper diamonds are less expensive than their clear cousins, they will definitely cost a prettier penny than solid black diamonds. 

Regarding durability: salt and pepper diamonds have the hardness of diamond, however, significant inclusions can weaken any stone. While your diamond won’t scratch like a softer stone, if you hit it in just the right way and there are enough inclusions, you might find yourself with two diamonds instead of one. Does this mean you should avoid a salt and pepper diamond? Definitely not. It is still a very hard stone, just use more caution than you would with a diamond without visible inclusions.

Where can I find a salt and pepper diamond for an engagement ring?

salt and pepper diamond ring
Salt and peper diamond solitaire at Krikawa

There are few sellers who offer this unique stone. Your best chance to find a quality salt and pepper diamond is to use a small custom jewelry house, such as Krikawa Master Jewelers, where you have a dedicated diamond consultant who searches and works with a variety of diamond vendors on your behalf to find the perfect stone.

After all is said and done, deciding whether to go with a salt and pepper diamond for your forever ring is a personal choice. If you love the idea of having something unique and unusual or getting lost in the tiny world within the stone, then it might just be for you.

Contact a design consultant at Krikawa to get started!

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