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Full Coverage For 5 Years

A Five Year Extended Service Plan is a great way to protect your investment!  Purchase with your new jewelry, or have your worn jewelry brought to factory specs and purchase an ESP for your future sizing, refinishing and repairs.

Damaged Engagement Rings or Wedding Bands

All routine maintenance, re-sizing, and repairs are priced individually based on the piece.  Our standard labor charge is $150 per hour. We charge for material, labor, and shipping.

After repair, we return your jewelry to you via FedEx TWO DAY return (domestic), using FedEx rates to insure your jewelry ships back to you fully insured. (Special rules apply to international repair shipments, please ask our repair team.)

Please call 1-888-KRIKAWA, or contact us for pricing.

Shipping Your Jewelry To Krikawa

  • Feel free to call 1-888-KRIKAWA or contact us with jewelry shipping questions.

Refinishing Rings, Including Mokume Rings

A routine refinishing of your ring is recommended no more than once a year. Typical refinishing is called "back to factory service" and, following industry standards, our service includes stone check and tightening, light sanding, and polish. This service removes many of the dents and scratches on a well loved ring. Please note that laser-filling very deep gouges, dents, and scratches is not included.

Please note that "back to factory" is not the same as "new" if your ring has deep gouges, dents, or scratches. If your ring has deep gouges that you'd like to have re-filled, there are additional labor and material charges. 

If you have a Mokume Gane Ring for service, we offer the following services:

This service will remove all but deep scratches; includes buff & blast plus Mokume etching; stone check and tightening. This service includes a 1 year guarantee against loss for accent stones (up to 2.5mm in size) and up to 1.0 cttw:
Mokume Ring, no stones $120 (mokume service)
Mokume Solitaire Engagement Ring $160 (mokume service) PLUS stone service fee (varies based on size and setting style)
Mokume Luxury Ring $200 (mokume service) PLUS stone service fee (varies based on size, setting style and number of stones)

If you wish to have a "Limited Buff & Blast" Mokume Ring Service, which does not include any scratch removal or any work warranty, please contact our Repair Specialist for a quote.

Sizing BallsLarge sizing balls on engagement ring

This is a great option for large knuckles, if your finger swells and shrinks significantly (seasonal, arthritis, etc), to avoid spinning for top heavy rings, or if you have a ring that is not recommended for sizing.

Please ensure that you have selected the proper ring size using Krikawa's own calibrated sizing rings.

International Repairs

For information on how to ship your jewelry to us for repair, please call 520-322-6090 or contact us.
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