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Damaged Engagement Rings or Wedding Bands

All routine maintenance, re-sizing, and repairs are priced individually based on the piece.  Our standard labor charge is $180 per hour. We charge for material, labor, and shipping. An accurate repair work does require an inspection of the piece itself, so please understand that we are unable to provide repair quotes over the telephone.

After repair, we return your jewelry to you via FedEx TWO DAY return (domestic), using FedEx rates to insure your jewelry ships back to you fully insured. (Special rules apply to international repair shipments, please ask our repair team.)

Please call 1-888-KRIKAWA, or contact us with questions about our repair services.

Shipping Your Jewelry To Krikawa

  • When shipping your jewelry for repair, include a Jewelry Repair Form inside your shipment so we know how to contact you when your jewelry arrives.
  • Seal your jewelry in a box or padded envelope so it does not jostle about during transit.
  • Place your items into a larger box for shipping. Securely tape the ends of the box shut.
  • Do NOT write the word "jewelry" anywhere on the outside of the package.
  • Use a trackable method for delivery and insure your item for full replacement value during transit. Email or call us with your tracking number to let us know the item is on the way.
  • Ship your item to us addressed as follows:
KJD, Inc.
Attn: Repairs (Your Last Name)
21 E Congress St.
Tucson AZ 85701.
  • Our repair team is available to help you confidently and safely ship your jewelry for repair.
  • Feel free to call 1-888-KRIKAWA or contact us for your jewelry shipping questions.

Refinishing Rings, Including Mokume Rings

A routine refinishing of your ring is recommended no more than once a year. Typical refinishing is called "back to factory service" and, following industry standards, our service includes stone check and tightening, light sanding, and polish. "Back to factory" is not the same as "new." There are additional fees for replacing missing or cracked accent stones, laser filling deep gouges, dents or scratches, plating or darkening, re-tipping or re-pronging claws or bezels. 

If your ring has Mokume Gane, our signature service is a Mokume Refinishing, which we recommend at least bi-annually. During this service, we will refresh your Mokume (buff & blast), check and tighten stones, and polish the ring.  Here are Mokume Refinishing prices:
Classic Mokume Ring, no stones $150
Mokume Solitaire Engagement Ring or Mokume Ring with 1 stone,
Mokume Mountain Ring
Mokume Engagement Ring or Mokume Ring, with up to 20 stones $340
Mokume Engagement Ring or Mokume Ring, with up to 50 stones  $420
Mokume Engagement Ring or Mokume Ring, with more than 50 stones  $490

Mokume Refinishing services does not include replacing missing or cracked accent stones, laser filling deep gouges, dents or scratches, re-tipping or re-pronging prongs or bezels. We will supply an estimate for any additional services.

Our repair services include a 1 year guarantee against loss of accent stones (up to 2.5mm in size) and up to 1.0 cttw.

Sizing BallsLarge sizing balls on engagement ring

This is a great option for large knuckles, if your finger swells and shrinks significantly (seasonal, arthritis, etc), to avoid spinning for top heavy rings, or if you have a ring that is not recommended for sizing.

Please ensure that you have selected the proper ring size using Krikawa's own calibrated sizing rings.

International Repairs

For information on how to ship your jewelry to us for repair, please call 520-322-6090 or contact us.
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