What We Provide


Krikawa provides a safe and secure outlet to sell your fine pre-owned jewelry on consignment for up to one year. During the consignment period, your jewelry will be displayed on our website for thousands of potential buyers. Prior to listing your item for sale, we provide refurbishing services to bring your jewelry to "showroom condition" and may also arrange independent appraisal services to determine current market replacement value.

Our program is consignment in nature. It is not a direct purchase or a "buy back" program. Here's the difference: Direct buyers will acquire your pre-owned pieces by paying you upfront. Direct buyers include pawn shops, estate buyers, and consumer-to-consumer reselling sites. Instead, we present your item and if it sells, we will collect a percentage as our commission. With consignment, you are not paid until your item sells.

What We Accept


We consign Krikawa-made jewelry items in "good or better" condition.

Our decision to accept your jewelry on consignment, considers its potential for resale, determined by condition, popularity of style, degree of customization, and our experience about what is likely to sell. Before sending any item to Krikawa, please contact us to find out if your piece qualifies. After we review our records for the piece, we will request current images before proceeding.

Although we see great value in buying a pre-owned engagement ring or wedding band, there is an unwarranted stigma associated with previously used relationship jewelry. So, please do not be offended if we do not accept your consignment or if it does not sell. If we do not consign your jewelry, then consider having it resized for your right hand or redesigned.


Selling Price for Pre-Owned Jewelry

Krikawa sets the advertised price for your estate jewelry at 20-30% below Current Replacement Value. Several factors are considered in this determination, including current metal prices, quality and value of diamonds and gemstones, and relevancy of style. In some instances, the Current Replacement Value may be less than what you originally paid.

Consignment Period

In order to maximize a successful outcome, we require a minimum six month commitment to sell your jewelry. At the end of this period, we can review listing options. If your jewelry has not sold at the end of twelve months, however, we will remove the listing and return your jewelry to you.

Our Fees

We will evaluate your jewelry free of charge to assess its condition and potential for resale. We will provide you with a quote for refurbishing work to bring the piece to saleable condition. We collect the refurbishing fee upfront and complete the necessary work prior to listing. If you decline the quote, your item is returned to you.

When your item sells, Krikawa retains a consignment fee of 25% of the selling price, which is fair and reasonable. You will receive 75% of the selling price within twenty days after your jewelry is sold, to accommodate our return policy.

How to Proceed

If you would like to have your item considered for consignment, a preliminary evaluation is needed. Send us your email or text message which includes some recent photos of the piece, date of original purchase, stone certifications, and non-KJD repair work done on the item. We will consider this information along with our records to make a preliminary assesment. Our decision to accept the piece on consignment is only confirmed by in person inspection.
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