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What We Provide


Krikawa Jewelry Designs provides a safe and secure outlet to sell your fine pre-owned jewelry on consignment. We will display your jewelry in attractive showroom displays and list your jewelry on our website during the consignment period. Your jewelry is fully insured while in our possession. We offer convenient on-site repair and/or polishing services to bring your jewelry to showroom condition and may also arrange independent appraisal services to determine current market replacement value.

Our program is consignment in nature. We do not directly buy estate jewelry. Here's the difference: Direct buyers acquire your estate pieces by paying you upfront. Instead, we operate as a consignee, and will use our efforts to present and sell your item on your behalf. In return for our services we will receive a percentage of the item sold. With consignment, you are not paid until your item sells.


How the Selling Price is Determined

Krikawa sets the advertised price for your pre-owned, consignment jewelry at 20% below Current Replacement Value. Several factors are considered in this determination, including metal weight and current metal prices, quality and value of diamonds and gemstones, relevancy of style, and appraisal value. In some cases, the Current Replacement Value may be less than what you originally paid for the jewelry.

Example: If current replacement value for your item is $10,000, the retail price on consignment will be set at $8000.


Consignment Period

In order to maximize a successful outcome for both parties, we require a minimum six month commitment to sell your jewelry. At the end of this period, we can discuss pricing options. The consignment sales agreement can then be renewed for a mutually agreed upon time.

Fees for Services

Krikawa retains a consignment fee of only 30%, which is fair and reasonable. That means, when your item sells, you receive 70% of the selling price, minus charges for appraisal, repairs, polishing. Krikawa mails payment and an itemized statement twenty days after your jewelry is sold, to accommodate our return policy.

If you cancel your consignment before your pre-owned jewelry is sold, then you only have to pay appraisal, repairs, polishing and return shipping charges.
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