Your Custom Ring Warranty

One Year and Lifetime

At Krikawa, our mission is to create durable, heirloom-quality custom jewelry pieces that stand the test of time both in design and craftsmanship. By focusing on quality materials, precision engineering, and intelligent structural integrity, we aim to create jewelry that are not just accessories but treasured family heirlooms.

One Year Warranty

We do warranty small accents stones (under 3mm in size) in the rings for the first year and will replace them free of charge if they fall out with normal wear within the first year. Specialty cut accent stones and inlaid materials such as jade, turquoise, onyx and mother of pearl are not covered by this warranty. Krikawa will cover the round trip shipping charge for warranty items.

Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty (“Lifetime Warranty”)

We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our jewelry and offer a Lifetime Warranty on Krikawa pieces against manufacturing defects. This Lifetime Warranty does not apply to articles not manufactured by Krikawa.

If you believe your jewelry has a manufacturing defect, please contact us for evaluation. You can return the item for inspection. If you are in the US, you can pay $75 to receive a FedEx shipping label to return your item for evaluation by our expert jewelers. (International shipping charges differ.) Shipping charges are not refundable.

If we determine the jewelry has a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the item at no charge to you and offer complimentary shipping back to you for all warrantied repairs.

If we determine the damage is not due to a manufacturing defect, we will provide a quote for the cost of repairs before any work is performed. If you choose not to proceed with repairs, we will return your jewelry to you, and shipping charges may apply.

Conditions & Exclusions of Krikawa’s Lifetime Warranty:

The Lifetime Warranty is available only to the person (or his/her/their spouse) who purchased the covered product from Krikawa.

Maintenance, repair, sizing or other services performed by someone other than Krikawa will void this Lifetime Warranty.

Slight irregularities and variations in craftsmanship, natural characteristics or internal inclusions, visible or otherwise, are unique and individual to each item. These characteristics are not considered a defect.

All fine jewelry can be impacted by regular wear, activities, or accidents. Rings are particularly susceptible since hands are used frequently and endure significant stress. Our Lifetime Warranty does not cover damage from normal wear, loss of stones, product loss or theft, "acts of God", damage or loss resulting from neglecting necessary repairs to maintain the piece's integrity.

Examples of common jewelry issues that are not considered manufacturing defects:

  1. Discoloration resulting from exposure to chemicals, make-up, perfumes, swimming pools, hot tubs, bathing, etc.
  2. Worn, catching, or bent prongs; worn, bent, or cracked bezels. We do not warranty rings that have become out of round, have dents or gouges, or are flattened or cracked from wear and pressure, as precious metal wears down over time.
  3. Loose, lost, or chipped stones caused by normal wear or other damage.

Krikawa offers Extended Service Plans that cover many common wear and tear issues. We also recommend that you insure your jewelry to cover significant loss, damage or theft.

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