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Ordering Process
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Ordering Process

Q: How do I place an order?
A: You can place an order with the shopping cart, or if you are making some changes or customizations, simply start a conversation via phone or email with one of our designers, and we'll write up the order for you!  We can send you an invoice for your deposit that you can pay online through our secure server, or you can also call and get your ring started with a credit card.

Q: What is your typical turnaround time?
A: The turnaround time varies depending upon what kind of ring you are ordering, and what our current booking schedule is.  We typically run 8-10 weeks out, but custom orders may take as many as 12 weeks or more, so plan ahead!

Q: Do you take rush jobs?
A: Our rush service guarantees completion of the ring in 6 weeks or less--by a date certain--and the charge for this service is 15% of the price of the ring mounting, not including the value of the center stone. During peak wedding season and year-end holiday season, this service may not be available. We do not extend discounts to rush orders.

Q: Is there a store in my area that carries Krikawa rings?
A: We are not a jewelry wholesaler and do not work from pre-manufactured mountings, so outside of our Arizona headquarters, you will not find our designs in your local jeweler. For more than two decades, we have been specializing in making custom rings for long-distance clients. Every ring we make is hand crafted to your size, width, stone and metal colors, and settings. In this way, we can bring you the best possible quality, selection and price, as you are able to order it directly from us.

Q: Do you wholesale?
A: We do not wholesale our designs. We are happy to extend a small courtesy discount to retailers who wish to purchase a Krikawa ring on behalf of a customer. Please be prepared to provide a copy of your EIN, business license, and resellers permit.

Q: Do you offer financing or payment plans?
A: We typically accept a 50% deposit on the order, with the balance paid upon completion. The order must be paid in full prior to shipping. Please note that if paying by check, there is a 5-day business hold before the item leaves our studio.

Sunbit credit is our financing option. Through Sunbit you can buy now, pay-over-time! With no hard credit check and fast response, complete a no obligation pre-qualification here: Prequalify me with Sunbit credit!

We offer interest free payment plans (layaway) to complete your ring mounting purchase only. Center Stones, custom designed rings, and modifications to our existing design styles are excluded from layaway plans.  All stones larger than 0.50 carat must be paid in full and upfront. A minimum deposit of 20% of the ring mounting is required to set up layaway. Your balance is divided into equal monthly installments, up to 10 months. Your jewelry is scheduled to be finished at the time of your last payment.

Q: Do you have any discounts?
A: We have a military discount for active and retired U.S. military personnel. Otherwise, we are unable to offer discounts on our jewelry. Our pricing is as competitive as possible and everything is handmade from scratch.

Q: Do you ship international and how much will I pay for customs?
Krikawa specializes in long distance custom design, and welcomes the opportunity to work with international clients. Our established process for international orders makes the process very smooth. Any customs duties and tax on the final ring will be your responsibility. We invite you to contact your local customs office for more information.

Q: Where are you located and can I visit the studio?
A: We are located in the gorgeous Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona. We welcome visitors with open arms, and people always enjoy seeing where their jewelry is made. We have precious metal and mokume samples, accent stone samples, and a limited collection of finished ring designs on hand for your viewing. We do not stock jewelry, so we have a limited supply of samples in house. View our studio and appointment hours, and contact information.

Q: How do I know the ring is definitely going to fit?
A: After you place a deposit, we will send you calibrated sizing rings in the correct size and width to confirm. You can then pick the best size for your custom ring.

Q: What if I don't know the ring size or it's a surprise?
A: Our Determining Your Ring Size page is full of great tips! The section titled, "What if you have no idea what size you are to start with?" has information on how to get a good idea of your approximate size so that we can size you accurately.

Metal and Mokume

Q: Can I provide my own gold?
A: Presently, we are not able to refine or reuse sentimental metals in your new ring.

Q: Do you give credit for scrap metal?
A: If you wish to use your own gold or platinum to reduce the cost of your custom ring, let us know. We will weigh your metal when it arrives, and calculate the scrap value. You will receive a scrap credit for the value of the metal.

Q: Can I request a custom mokume pattern or color combination?
A: We do not make custom billets, nor create custom patterns.

Q: Is the mokume pattern going to wear off?
A: No, the mokume is not just on the surface. It goes down through the ring, and will not wear off in a lifetime of use.

Q: How can I see the mokume before I place an order?
A: We have a sample program to allow you to see the different types of mokume in person.

Diamonds and Gemstones

Q: Can I provide my own center diamond or gemstone?
A: You are welcome to supply your own center stone. We charge a setting fee determined by the size and value of the stone, which covers handling and insuring your stone for the duration it is in-house. Upon arrival, your stone receives a gemological intake and assessment for quality, ring fitting, and insurance purposes.

Q: How do I ship my diamond to you?
A:When shipping your stone, please follow our Shipping Instructions and include the Outside Stone Form in the package. These can also be found on our Forms page . We will email you to confirm that your stone has arrived.

Q: Do you provide Conflict-Free diamonds?
A: All diamonds that we sell comply with the Kimberley Process protocols and are certified conflict-free by the supplier of the stone.

Q: Can my local jeweler set the stone?
A: We are happy to make the mounting and send it to your jeweler to set the stone. As each ring we make is custom built around your stone and preferences, we will need specific information about the stone. Please provide the dimensions of the stone including length, width and depth (measured in mm to 2 decimal points, example: 7.36mmx7.38mmx3.62mm). We will also need a direct top view photo or scan of the actual stone, so we can do our best to match the setting to the outline of the stone, especially for bezel set designs. For any colored stones, we also request a side view of the stone or measurements of table to girdle, girdle thickness, and girdle to culet. We want to make sure that in the final product, the culet (point of the stone) does not pass the finger hole line. After another jeweler has worked on the ring, our satisfaction policy and one year warranty are void. Any work we do on a ring after it has been in the hands of another jeweler is billed at $150/hr.

Care and Maintenance

Q: Will my ring get scratches?
A: All precious metals, including platinum, will get small dings and scratches over time. We do harden the surface of the rings, but any ring and any finish will inevitably get small surface scratches. You can have your ring refinished once a year (refinishing actually removes a fine layer of metal, so it is not recommended more often) or you can enjoy the patina of wear that your ring takes on over time.

There are certain things that will create larger dings on your ring, such as barbells, heavy pots and pans, dog chains, and any other steel item that hits the ring, as steel is harder than precious metals.

Q: Do I need to remove my ring when working?
A: Our rings are solid and hefty, not thin and flimsy. They will withstand much wear, but any precious metal ring will scratch, ding, or dent, depending on activities. If you prefer the pristine surface, then yes, remove the ring if you are working with your hands and metal tools. If you engage in activities such as blacksmithing, using sandpaper, operating dangerous machinery that may grab the ring, weightlifting, or working with chemicals (without gloves), you should remove rings.

Q: Are there any household chemicals or detergents that should be avoided?
A: YES! Chlorine bleach, whether in the laundry room, swimming pool or jacuzzi, can affect or damage sterling and gold jewelry. Bleach will darken sterling silver. See all our jewelry care tips.

Q: How do I care for my mokume ring?
A: It depends upon what kind of finish the ring has. For rings with high polish finish, you can use a soft polishing cloth or cream to brighten it up. For rings with a matte finish, no maintenance is required. If it appears that the sterling has darkened, due to excessive sweating or exposure to a pool or jacuzzi, you can use a toothbrush and baking soda toothpaste, or a liquid, such as Tarnex. You can also leave it alone and it will return to normal in a day or two. If you use a polishing cloth on the matte finish, you will change the finish from matte to high polish. For rings with stones, to maintain the maximum brilliance on the stone and limit the need for professional cleaning, it is recommended that you remove the ring when applying lotion, and when in the shower to prevent soap buildup on the stone. Simple cleaning can be done with a toothbrush and dish soap.

Q: How well does the sterling silver in the mokume hold up?
A: Silver is affected by chlorine bleach, in that it darkens. All sterling jewelry should be removed when swimming in a chlorinated pool or jacuzzi. About 1 in 100 people have a chemical reaction with sterling that turns the silver black.

Q: How do I care for my diamond ring?
A: Polish high polish areas with soft polishing cloth. For rings with stones, clean around stones with toothbrush and dish soap in warm water. Have stones checked periodically to insure a tight fitting setting. Removing ring when applying lotion and showering will help you to avoid soap buildup, but it is not absolutely necessary. Also remove rings when in chlorinated water such as swimming pools, hot tubs or Jacuzzis and when using harsh cleaning or laundry products.

Q: Should I insure my ring?
A: We suggest either adding your jewelry to your homeowner's insurance policy or acquiring personal jewelry insurance. Our insurance company, Jeweler's Mutual Insurance (JMI), provides personal jewelry insurance. A small brochure for JMI is included in your New Order Packet which you will receive with your ring. You can visit their website to learn more: Perfect Circle Insurance from Jewelers Mutual.

Q: Do you offer appraisals?
A: If you are planning on insuring your ring, we recommend a jewelry appraisal. With the detailed description of the mounting and diamond, plus photos, this professionally prepared legal document will ensure a proper settlement if the need arises. We work with a very qualified local independent appraiser, and the document is well worth the $175 fee. It will add another 3-7 days to the delivery date.

Q: What guarantee comes with the stone? What if I lose my center stone?
A: There are a few things to consider for the care, warranty and maintenance and insuring of your ring. Although your ring mounting includes a one year limited warranty, this does not cover replacement of a lost or damaged center stone. We strongly recommend adding a jewelry rider to your homeowner's insurance or purchasing a separate policy from Jeweler's Mutual Insurance Company.


Q: How do you pronounce "Krikawa"?
A: \'kri-kuh-wuh\
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