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Exotic Black Diamond Wedding Set

Feb 04, 2014

Indulge Your Black Diamond Fantasy

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Black Diamonds for Wedding and Engagement Rings

Black is the New White

A black diamond engagement ring:
Exotic Black Diamond Wedding Set
Exotic Black Diamond Wedding Set
it’s exotic, unique, opaque and mysterious. A black diamond combines the brilliance of a faceted diamond with dark romantic love. 
Why should I have a black diamond in my engagement ring or wedding band? 
To be unique and different! Add contrast to your ring by combining the whiteness of platinum or palladium with the blackness of this gemstone. Imagine lines of channel-set diamonds or black diamonds paved in a field. For the more daring, consider a black diamond as the center stone in your engagement ring!
Black Diamonds For Engagement Rings

What shapes are black diamonds available in?

They’re mostly available as faceted round brilliant cuts. Larger dimensions for center stones are also available as princess cuts.  However, just like any other diamond, the diamonds are cut into many different shapes.

What makes a diamond black?

Diamonds can be found in nature in many different colors, including black. It’s not a true black but is extremely dark and opaque. The majority of small black diamonds that are set into rings are color enhanced. In other words, they’re not pure black to start with but are treated so that they turn darker than they are naturally.
Black Diamond Men's Wedding Rings
Black Diamond Men's Wedding Rings

What Krikawa engagement rings are available with black diamonds?

Any ring that Krikawa makes can be set with black diamonds, whether just as accent stones or as the center stone. Check out the pricing calculator drop-down menu for Accent Stone(s), "Black Diamond" is the second option.   Email us using this form for a quote for a black diamond in the shape and size you want.  A design consultant will let you know what's available!

Are black diamonds affordable?

Depending on whether the stone is natural or color-enhanced, clarity, and size, black diamonds are typically much less expensive than white.   Shown below is a 1.62 carat round for $700!  Call us at 1-888-KRIKAWA to quote other sizes or shapes!
Round Black Diamond for Engagement Ring
Round Black Color Enhanced Diamond

Are black diamonds naturally that color or are they treated?

Most black diamonds on the commercial market are natural diamonds, mined from the earth, that have been color enhanced, or treated, to deepen the color.  Black diamonds also occur naturally, so natural untreated black diamonds are available.  There tends to be a little less opacity in a natural black diamond; you can see into it.  They are incredibly fascinating! 

How durable are black diamonds?

Rose Cut Black Pear Shaped Diamond
Untreated Black Pear Shaped Diamond
A black diamond is just as hard as a white diamond. It registers a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning it’s the hardest material on earth. Black diamonds are a little bit more brittle than a white diamond because of the inclusions that are natural to black diamonds. What this means is they’re more likely to chip than a white diamond. However, they’re still an extremely hard and excellent stone for everyday wear. The surface will not abrade or get worn the way softer stones do. Read more about the characteristics of black diamonds here.

Where are black diamonds from?

Black diamonds were originally discovered in Brazil during the 1800s by the Portuguese, who called them "carbonados." In addition to Brazil, they have also been found in the Central African Republic. Recently, scientists have claimed that--unlike white diamonds, which are formed inside the earth--some black diamonds may have been created in outer space, arriving on earth as asteroids!* Check out my other article on The Origin of Black Diamonds.

*National Science Foundation. (2007). Diamonds from Outer Space: Geologists Discover Origin of Earth's Mysterious Black Diamonds [Press release]. Retrieved from 
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