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Green Diamonds for Engagement Rings

natural fancy green diamonds

Natural Fancy Green Diamonds

radiant green diamond
Natural green diamonds are extremely rare--only a handful are introduced into the market each year. Pure green diamonds are valued more than those which are yellowish-green or gray-green. 


Fancy green diamonds are sourced from South Africa and other parts of the continent. The green color comes from being near radioactive sources during formation. This process takes at least a million years to occur, hence their rarity!

Historical Trivia

The most famous green diamond is the 41 carat Dresden Green Diamond. It has a historical record dating to 1722, when a London news-sheet carried an article about it in its 27th edition. It is currently housed at the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen in Dresden and can be viewed by the public.

Sputnik Engagement RingFancy Green Diamonds from Krikawa

Fancy green diamonds are uncommon and many jewelers do not have the chance to work with them. For a truly unique engagement ring, consider a natural green diamond. Green diamonds nicely compliment Winter mokume gane, green gold, yellow gold and white metals!



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