Champagne to cognac diamonds

Love Chocolate? Diamond Engagement Rings With Earth Tones

Fancy Champagne Diamonds
From subtle champagnes to rich cognacs and dark chocolate, brown diamonds are the new classic.

Their warm golden tones make them a softer, gentler alternative to the colorless diamond, and their neutral color makes them the perfect choice for timeless jewelry with a contemporary feel.

Combined with rose gold, these champagne to cognac diamond are truly luxurious.
luxury champagne diamond engagement ring
Luxury Krikawa cognac diamond engagement ring


Champagne Diamond Colors

The range of shades available is striking. In the late 1980s, Argyle Diamonds launched a marketing campaign to educate consumers about champagne and cognac diamonds. This program included the introduction of the C1 to C7 color scale. These color categories remain the official color scale for brown diamonds throughout the world today.
  • Champagne Diamond ScaleC-1 and C-2 Light Champagne
  • C-3 and C-4 Medium Champagne
  • C-5 and C-6 Dark Champagne
  • C-7 Fancy Cognac


  • South Africa, Siberia
  • Argyle Diamond Mine, Australia
    This mine is the world's largest producer of natural brown diamonds. Around five billion dollars of champagne and cognac diamond jewelry is sold annually throughout the world, making these jewels easily the most accessible of all natural color diamonds.

Historical Trivia

The world's largest cut natural diamond is a dark rich champagne stone, the Golden Jubilee, which possesses a magnificence and history to envy. The Golden Jubilee, 545 carats, was offered to the King of Thailand to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his ascension to the throne. Polishing the stone took no less than three years.

Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings by Krikawa

luxury champagne three stone engagement ring
Luxurious Krikawa mokume three stone engagement ring with gorgeous pinkish brown champagne diamond
luxurious mokume gane engagement ring with champagne diamond
Spectacular champagne diamond in a Krikawa solitaire setting

Do you fancy some natural champagne diamonds for your jewelry? Krikawa has featured these fancy color diamonds in many of our unique engagement rings and wedding bands. Consider some accent diamonds graduating in tone. Contrast the hue of champagne diamonds with platinum or palladium, or match the fancy color with rose gold.



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