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White Lab Created Diamonds

More Affordable for Diamond Engagement Rings?

lab created diamond engagement ring

Lab-created diamonds are actually diamonds, on a molecular, chemical, and optical level. The only difference is that a lab-created diamond was made in a lab in a matter of many months, rather than the millions of years for a natural diamond to be formed on the earth.

While lab-created diamonds do cost a little less than their natural white counterparts, they are not inexpensive. You're still looking at 70-90% of a natural diamond cost for smaller lab-created diamonds, although for large white lab diamonds, you could save significantly more.

The lab-created diamond inventory is still pretty small, and the diamonds are sold very quickly. We do not currently have an inventory available online for you to search yourself, however, we are happy to provide you with a quote for a lab diamond for your Krikawa ring.

We do not sell loose lab-created diamonds.

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