Storm Cloud Diamonds™

A Collection of Beautiful Cloudy Diamonds

Have you ever been to the desert southwest? Well, these diamonds represent our monsoon season. Gorgeous, opaque and cloudy diamonds, with sparkling facets, are a perfect choice for an alternative diamond for your engagement ring.

Now they are hitting the world by storm. The Storm Cloud Diamonds™, uniquely sourced and curated by Krikawa, is your choice for a cloudy diamond. If you're looking for a cloudy diamond that has unique colors, inquire about your own Storm Cloud Diamond™. These rustic diamonds typically are opaque diamonds that have a rose cut.  

May there be just enough clouds in your life to create a glorious sunset!
cloudy diamonds for engagement rings

Storm Cloud Diamond™ Colors

These natural diamonds can be found in a range of colors, typically, white, gray, dark gray, black, yellowish, greenish, and reddish.
cushion cloudy diamond
Dark gray cloudy diamond
light yellow cloudy diamond
Light yellow cloudy diamond
rusty cloudy diamond
Rusty Storm Cloud Diamond

Storm Cloud Diamond™ Cuts

Most of the Storm Cloud Diamond™ are rose cut, featuring multi-faceted top faces. As each one is unique, the facets are all done differently. The facets are what make the diamond sparkle, so we look for a good number of facets on the top of the stone.
rusty cloudy diamond
Emerald cut
cloudy diamond hexagon cut
Unique hexagon shape
cloudy diamond
Most common cushion shape


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