Fancy Color Lab Diamonds

Beautiful Yet Still So Rare

Lab grown and natural diamonds alike with a visible coloration (outside the colorless D-Z range) are considered “Fancy colored” or colored diamonds. While not identical to that of natural diamonds, the distribution of Fancy-colored lab diamonds on the market is broadly comparable—yellow is the most prevalent, with some rare blues and pinks also available.
lab created yellow diamond
A Fancy-colored lab diamond is a great way to get the best of both worlds, with the sparkle and hardness of a diamond, but some of the color of a gemstone. Additionally, a lab diamond will come at a lower price than one mined from the earth—although not exponentially lower, as is the case with colored moissanite or gemstones.

Chemically pure lab grown diamonds, like their natural counterparts, will be composed only of carbon and appear entirely colorless—a “D” color white diamond. Certain “impurities,” however, are highly desirable for their aesthetic qualities. Excess nitrogen in the manufacturing process will result in a yellowish color, while excess boron creates a blue color. Additional colors can be created through the same color enhancement methods used on natural diamonds, either to treat a colorless lab diamond or to intensify the color of one already grown with some color.


lab created yellow and pink diamonds

Because blue and pink lab diamond inventory is limited, options of size and shape are much more restricted than those of white lab diamonds. If your priority is color, then it’s necessary to remain open on shape. Use the form below and your design consultant will give you some options for a colored lab diamond in your Krikawa ring!

Grading of Fancy Colored Lab Diamonds

Fancy-colored diamonds are graded differently from those in colorless range, along the two dimensions of tone and saturation. Tone refers to the lightness or darkness of a diamond, while saturation refers to the color’s intensity. The same scale is used to grade lab and natural diamonds alike.

Yellow Lab Created Diamond Color Charts

Yellow Fancy Colored Diamond Chart Yellow to Orange Diamond Color Chart
Shades of Yellow Lab Created Diamonds

Blue Lab Created Diamond Color Charts

blue lab created diamond color chart
lab created diamond color chart
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