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Golden Sunshine in a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Fancy Color Yellow Diamonds

Natural yellow diamonds are cherished for their subtly dramatic appeal. The glow of a yellow stone illuminates a woman with an aura, no matter which shade she chooses.

fancy colored yellow diamondsThere are dozens of different shades of yellow diamonds, depending on the lightness and intensity of the yellow hue. While pure, rich shades are the most prized, lighter tones are softly dramatic.

The saturation of color is dependent upon the amount of nitrogen present.


Light to vivid yellow diamonds are found in different countries, but the notably large and intense yellows have been discovered primarily in South Africa. These include the largest known yellow diamond, the Red Cross, weighs 205.07 carats, and features a Maltese Cross visible from the top facet. Another famous yellow diamond discovered in South Africa is the Allnatt, a 100-carat fancy vivid canary yellow!

Historical Trivia

The first natural yellow diamond ever to be authenticated in Africa was the Eureka, a pale yellow stone weighing 10.7 carats. It was discovered in 1866 by the child of a Boer farmer, in a small hole probably made by a bushman digging for roots.

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