Natural Fancy Blue, Color Enhanced Blue, 
and Lab Created Blue Diamonds

Fancy Blue Diamonds
The powerful color of the sea and the sky meet in these exceptional gems. Fancy blue colored diamonds are extremely rare and each shade is exquisite. They range from very light shades through to a steel blue hue. Natural blue diamonds derive their color from boron impurities. Due to the presence of boron, some blue diamonds are able to conduct electricity!

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Color Enhanced Blue Diamonds

Color Enhanced Blue DiamondsColor enhanced blue diamonds start in the earth.  They are earth grown and mined, just like a natural fancy colored diamond.  Unlike it's rare cousin, however, the color enhanced diamond goes through a treatment process which changes the tone of the diamond.  This is a permanent and internal treatment; it is not a coating.

Color enhanced diamondsColor enhanced blue diamonds are not available in light pastel tones.  They have deep rich colors, with a green overtone, giving them a sparkly, turquoise ocean feel.

Lab Created Blue Diamonds

Lab Created Blue DiamondLab created blue diamonds are grown in a laboratory, not in the earth.  They are identical on a molecular level as natural diamond, therefore they have the same hardness and internal characteristics as a natural diamond.  Read more about lab created diamonds here.

The blue color of a lab created diamond is more natural than the color of a color enhanced blue diamond.  Although there is still a limited availabliity, the colors range from very light blue to a medium blue, all in the natural blue hues found in earth created blue diamonds.


The Cullinan mine near Pretoria, South Africa is the world's only notable blue diamond producing mine. The mine also produced the largest diamond of the De Beers Millennium Jewels collection--the brilliant vivid blue Heart of Eternity weighing 27 carats.

Historical Trivia

  • The Hope Diamond, arguably the most famous diamond in the world, is a natural fancy blue diamond, weighing 45 carats. It was brought from India to Europe in the 17th century, when it was still known as the Tavernier Blue, and sold to King Louis XIV of France. It came to be considered bad luck for its subsequent possessors, including Marie Antoinette. This deep blue diamond is now displayed at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.
  • The largest blue diamond is the Idol's Eye, weighing 70.21 carats. It made its first public appearance at a Christie's auction in London in 1865.

Fancy Blue Diamond Engagement Rings from Krikawa

Blue Diamond Engagement Ringblue diamond engagement ringPictured are some custom engagement rings with blue diamonds.

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