Natural Fancy, Color Enhanced and Lab Created

The sweet feminine alure of a pink diamond will capture your romantic heart.  Whether a light baby pink of a natural or lab created diamond, or the rich bubble gum pink of a color enhanced pink diamond, Krikawa will be sure to find you the perfect stone.

These rare diamonds are a perfect expression of your passionate love!
Fancy Pink Diamonds

The hot favorites of connoisseurs, natural pink diamonds are considered the treasure of treasures.  Pink has always been associated with femininity, love and grace.  A pink diamond is their ultimate symbol.

Pink diamonds have the intensity and vibrancy of color not seen in any other diamond.  There are a variety of pinks, including bubblegum and coral colored.  There are also brownish pink and purplish pink diamonds.

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Would you like to find perfect pink diamond?  With our highly specialized inventory of these rare diamonds, we are especially suited to helping you find just the right stone!

Color Enhanced Pink Diamonds

Color enhanced pink diamonds start in the earth.  They are earth grown over millions of years and mined, just like a natural fancy colored diamond.  Unlike it's rare cousin, however, the color enhanced diamond goes through a treatment process which changes the tone of the diamond.  This is a permanent and internal treatment; it is not a coating.
Color Enhanced Pink DiamondsColor enhanced pink diamonds are rarely available in light pastel tones.  They have deep rich colors, from vibrant bubble gum pink, to a more earthy pink, to purplish or burgundy coloros.

Lab Created Pink Diamonds

Lab Created Pink DiamondsLab created pink diamonds are grown in a laboratory, not in the earth.  They are identical on a molecular level as natural diamond, therefore they have the same hardness and internal characteristics as a natural diamond.  Read more about lab created diamonds here.

The pink color of a lab created diamond is more natural than the color of a color enhanced pink diamond.  Although there is still a limited availabliity, the colors range from very light pink to a medium pink, all in the natural hues found in earth created pink diamonds.

Where Do Natural Pink Diamonds Come From?

Natural pink diamonds have only been found in a few mines across the world. 

  • The Rich Golconda River in India, Brazil and Tanzania all produced notable diamonds in the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • Today, the Argyle mine in northwestern Australia is the only mine in the world to produce a consistent volume of pink diamonds.  A whole year of Argyle's intense pink diamond production can be held in the palm of one hand.  Once a year Argyle issues a special release of its finest pink diamonds to an exclusive clientele.  To put the true rarity of these stones in perspective, of every million carats of rough diamond production at Argyle, only one carat is suitable for sale in its tender.

Fancy Pink Diamond Engagement Rings from Krikawa

Fancy Pink Diamond Engagement RingThe exclusive supply of these fancy color diamonds ensures that your stone, like you, is unique.  If you're looking for something feminine, consider natural pink diamonds in your bridal rings.  Your Pink Diamond Krikawa Ring can be made with fancy pink diamonds in various shapes and sizes.  Consider setting your pink diamond in rose gold to enhance its color.  Have accent stones set next to your pink diamond so that it appears larger.
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